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Quiz on Indian Super League - GK Update

Check out some important Questions on Indian Super League (ISL) that can be asked in upcoming government jobs exam, IBPS Exam, Bank Exam or SSC CGL exam.

Quiz on Indian Super League (ISL)

Indian Super League
1. Who is the organizer of Indian Super League (ISL) ?
[A] Reliance Industries
[B] Future Group
[C] Shah Rukh Khan
[D] John Abraham

Answer :- Reliance Industries, who holds sponsorship, advertising, broadcasting, merchandising, video, franchising, and rights to create a new football league.>

2. How many players are playing in ISL?
[A] 100 
[B] 121
[C] 221
[D] 212

Answer :- Total 212 Players are playing in Indian Super League including 94 foreign players.

3. Total Teams playing in Indian Super League (ISL)
[A] 10
[B] 08 
[C] 09
[D] 11

Answer :- Total 8 teams are playing in 1st session of ISL, later they will add more teams in next year.
4. Total Matches are going to play in 1st session of ISL?
[A] 60
[B] 61
[C] 62
[D] 63

Answer:- Total 61 Matches will be played between October to December 2014 in 8 cities of india.

5. Who designed the Trophy of Indian Super League (ISL)?
[A] Reliance
[B] Football federation of india
[C] Frazer & Haws
[D] Sachin Tendulkar

Answer :- Designed by Frazer & Haws, the Indian Super League trophy stands 26 inches tall.

6. How much money will be awarded to winning team?
[A] 8 Cr
[B] 6 Cr
[C] 4Cr
[D] 3Cr

Answer :- 8Cr INR.

7. How much money will be awarded to each semi finalist in  Indian Super League (ISL)?
[A] 1.5 Cr each team
[B] 1 Cr each team
[C] 2Cr each team
[D] 0.50 Cr each team

Answer:- 1.5 Crore to each team of semi final.

8. When was Indian Super League was founded?
[A] 21st october, 2014
[B] 21st october, 2013
[C] 12th october, 2014
[D] 11th october, 2011

Answer:- On 21st October, 2013, This Indian Super League was officially launched by IMG-Reliance, STAR Sports, and the AIFF (All India Football Federation).

9. Which teams played first match of Indian Super League (ISL)?
[A] Kolkata vs Mumbai
[B] Chennai vs Kerala
[C] Kerala vs North East
[D] Delhi vs Goa
Answer :-  Kolkata vs Mumbai played first match of ISL.

10. Who is the owner of Kerala Team?
[A] Sachin Tendulkar
[B] Saourav Ganguly
[C] Ranbir kapoor
[D] Abhishek Bachchan

Answer :- Sachin Tendulkar owns Kerala blaster team in ISL.

11. When was the Trophy of ISL was Launched?
[A] 5th October, 2014
[B] 6th October, 2014
[C] 3rd September, 2014
[D] 2nd September, 2014

Answer :- The Indian Super League trophy was unveiled on 5 October 2014 in Mumbai by IMG-Reliance chairperson Nita Ambani.

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