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I failed in IBPS Exam What to do next? - Study Guide

This post will guide you students who failed in IBPS Exam. Providing study guide for them, what to do next, how to crack ibps exam, how can we pass out ibps exam and get job, and if not IBPS, what are the other options available after IBPS Exam.

I failed in IBPS Exam What to do next? - Study Guide

failed in IBPS Exam
Nowadays, There are lots of students are going for IBPS Exam as it is one of the biggest recruitment for graduates in India with government job benefits. Also, ibps exams do come with lots of benefits and lots of vacancies.

But, at the same time, there are lots of competitors too for IBPS Exam in india. IBPS usually do one recruitment exam for RRB, clerk, PO and Specialist officer in a year. And each recruitment exam have usually around 20-30k (approx) jobs and the reason lots of candidates apply for these exams. So, below i am explaining why people fail and what to do next?

Reasons why candidates fail in IBPS Exam?

There are lots of reasons for failure in ibps exam but below are some main points which i observed in candidates who attempt IBPS Exam.
  • Underestimating IBPS Exam, most of the students feel that its normal MCQs exam, where we can just go, click few questions and clear it.
  • Underestimating Competition, most of the students are not aware of total no of students applying for same exam.
  • Lack of Preparation, no one prepare seriously, just go in to exam without proper preparation.
  • Not understanding exam structure and exam syllabus. IBPS Exam needs time management, which you lack by just not reading their paper style.

What to do if i fail in IBPS Exam? 

What to do next? well before going there, choose your goal. Are you just going in IBPS Exam to just try once or its your goal to get job in IBPS exam? if you are just going in ibps exam for time pass then forget that you will ever clear it, it isn't easy as you think. It needs proper preparation, for each subject and each section. And in that case, you better leave ibps exam attempts.

If getting bank job is your goal and you just want to get bank jobs, than i can help you here. if you are serious about your career, than you will get thousands of hands to help you out. Remember, god help them who help themselves. So, what to do?

First, Find the reason why got failed? Poor preparation, lack of study material, no study plan? unknown to ibps exam structure or poor time management? Find it first and the start preparation for your next exam with target to clear it, anyhow.

you can follow the Study plan to crack IBPS exam, where i have mentioned how to study for ibps exam, step by step and where you will get all other study material for each ibps exam with all subjects.

if need time management tips for bank exam, then you can check this article where i have mentioned how to manage time in competitive exams like IBPS. you can find the study material and Book suggestions for each subject on this blog, just search it ( you can leave comment if you need any help).

If not IBPS, then you can try with other bank exam like SBI Clerk and SBI PO (which is not associated with SBI). Also, you can apply for other Government jobs, you can go for Staff selection commission jobs, UPSC jobs or your state public commission site to get new job notification. you can join us on facebook to receive regular updates on government jobs.

If you need any other assistant related to bank jobs, feel free to ask me on the comment box, Thank you.

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