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Air Hostess Salary Package and Eligibility Criteria in India

Are you looking forward to join Jobs as AIR Hostess? Searching for the eligibility Criteria and other information about air hostess? Here i am trying to provide some basic information about Air Hostess Salary Package and basic eligibility criteria.

Air Hostess Salary Package and Eligibility Criteria in India

Air Hostess Salary Package and Eligiblity Criteria in India
In india, there is big opportunity for girls to join airlines as there are so many upcoming airline in india which are soon going to launch. Because of cheap Air fair and time saving benefit, many people are now started choosing Travel by air over Train/bus. And the reason, many more new Airlines are coming in indian market, where you can try your luck.

Basic Eligibility criteria for Air Hostess in India

If you want to become Air hostess, then the first thing you need to do is to get Passport. You can get passport easily by applying online via official website of passport india (you can also try getting passport via local travel agent, mostly it takes around 30 days to get passport). Next, the biggest benefit of air hostess is you don't need high education background, Just 12th pass is also enough. Below is more eligibility criteria for air hostess in india.

Age: Candidate should be age between 18-27 years (Relaxed for experienced crew) at the time of applying.

Candidate must have Minimum height of 155cm (Females); Minimum 173cm (Males).

Weight: In proportion to height .

Eyesight : 6/6, Acceptable limit - +/- 1.5.

Marital Status :- Candidate must be unmarried at the time of applying (you can get married after getting job, no hurry :) ).

Apart from this, candidate must have below mentioned skills to get jobs of cabin crew in india.

Candidate who wish to being air hostess must have an unblemished complexion and good body language. He/she must have good verbal and written communication skills in hindi and english language. (you must focus on english communication).

He/she confidence and ability to handle passengers and provide only the best customer service.

He/she must be ready to relocation to any part of the country.

Salary Packages offered to Air Hostess in india (cabin crew salary package)

In india, the salary packages are different with respect to air lines. But below i have try to manage getting average salary packages of cabin crew members.

On an Average, Cabin Crew/air hostess get Rs.544,375/ per annum, so around Rs.45,000/per month you will get paid. Apart from this salary, you will get many other benefits like one paid holiday and etc.

Note :- This salary package is for freshers, if you are head of cabin crew then you get more package, vice versa. Also, freshers salary may very from air line to air line and different package for domestic and international cabin crew.

Other benefits of Cabin Crew

Medical benefits,
Dental benefits,
Vision benefits,
Miscellaneous benefits,
Life Insurance,
Paid Holidays,
Disability Insurance,
Paid Sick Leave,
Free Drinks (Juice/Coke/ Water),
Company Car,
Stock Options,
Training /Certification Reimbursement etc.

So, That's it. if you need more information or have any suggestion/feedback or query,feel free to ask me on below comment box. Thank you.

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