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SBI PO 2014 Study Plan - Subject Wise Study Tips, Books for SBI PO

SBI (state bank of india) has announced the 1837 recruitment of Probationary Officer Exam for the year 2014. If you are graduate or final year student, you can also apply for this exam. But as you know, this exam is not so easy, so here are some of the excellent tips you can have for SBI PO 2014 exam, how to prepare, which books to buy and important things to keep in mind while preparing for the SBI PO 2014 by Jisha Nair. Jisha is active member of our facebook group, and here are some of the tips by Jisha, in her own words.

SBI PO 2015 Study Plan - Subject Wise Study Tips

SBI PO 2014 Study Plan - Subject Wise Study Tips
Friends, first of all let me tell you one thing that let it be any exam. If you want to crack it you have to prepare in a proper and structured manner. There are some people, who says "I cleared IBPS with just 1 month preparation", at the same time there are some other people who didn't clear any exam till date(I belonged to that category till mid 2013, because 'right preparation' was something I hated.)

Now, SBI announced SBI PO 2014 recruitment and there are a lot of people who were preparing for this while most of the others prepared for other exams. Now it is time to focus on SBI. I am telling this because, for SSC CGL, they haven't announced new dates and if you are not a new face in exam hall, you can manage CGL with SBI's preparation and those preparations you did till now for SSC CGL.

SBI PO 2014 is a tough exam, because of a bit higher level of questions, less vacancies and more applicants, and of course a descriptive paper. SBI MCQ paper will have;

A) Test of English Language (Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension etc.)

Don't ignore this; thinking that cut off will be less. It is a bit higher level English paper and cut off will be fair enough to pull 'low cut off' dreamers down. You need a good preparation. (Cut off was 13, i think in 2013).

B) Test of General Awareness, Marketing and Computers Knowledge

Don't ignore Marketing. You can manage this section with Marketing, Computer and Current affairs, banking knowledge. It is good if u can learn 'Economics' basics.

C) Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation

It doesn't mean that paper will have only a few tables and pie-charts. Data can be given of anything. For example, a time and distance question with information about a bus, car and a jeep are given and you have to do some calculations and find the last answer. That is also analysis of data.(DA for IBPS is like from which statement you can get the answer etc etc. But this is like a long math’s Question you have to do calculation and find answer.)

Do get a good command over Data Interpretation. Don't ignore other topics. I say this because, till 2012, it had everything with DI and in 2013, they asked only DI. So, be prepared for anything.

D) Test of Reasoning (High Level)

It is where Analytical Reasoning is asked. It requires a deep understanding about various analytical reasoning topics, rest syllogism, input-output, seating arrangement, puzzles etc.

Suggested Books for SBI PO 2014

A) Test of English Language

You don't have time for usual Wren and Martin and all books preparation; better take any book like RS Aggarwal and Vikas Aggarwal (a small book) and go through it. Rest you need practice, because English is important.

B) Test of General Awareness, Marketing & Computers

Study the basics of Economics, Union Budget, Railway Budget and all such current affairs stuffs of past 6 months and of course banking awareness. For Marketing have heard Arihant's marketing aptitude book is good, but can't assure because i haven't used it. For computers, you can use material of IBPS is good.

C) Test of Data Analysis & Interpretation

Solve from M.Tyra or RS Aggarwal. Especially the toughest questions and other math’s chapters (get to know what to do i.e formulas).

D) Test of Reasoning (High Level)

If u r good at analytical reasoning then go for RS Aggarwal, otherwise buy M.K Pandey's book on analytical reasoning and learn.

Descriptive Paper

The Descriptive Test with 1 hour duration (50marks) will be of “Test of English Language (comprehension, short précis, letter writing &essay)”.

You can't avoid this section because this section contains 50 marks of weight-age. First of all, get to know how to write a short précis, letter writing & essay. Then practice with your paper set book. Usually, one topic will be a general one, like your favorite author or green revolution or corruption etc. Practice and if possible, get your answer corrected by some English teachers.

We have only nearly 2 months. Your aim is to complete all learning process at least by April end. You have to buy a previous paper set book and solve maximum Paper sets. Remember, it is not IBPS. It is SBI PO, you need a tough and hard preparation. If you solve paper sets, then only you will be able to score at least the cut off marks. If u r downloading PDFs from some site, then take print out and learn.SBI is not easy to crack, but it doesn't mean that you cannot crack it. MCQ is of 200 marks, 50 marks of descriptive test, 20 marks of group discussion and 30 marks of interview. Last time CUT OFF was 151 out of 300. Around 17 lakh people appeared (because, after that SBI gave a thanks note in all newspapers that they didn't expect this much aspirants) and in 2013, around 3000-5000 cleared the written test. There were only 1500 vacancies and 1513 people scored 151 out of 300 and all 1513 got the job. So extra 13 people got the job, you can expect such minor variations can happen.

I would also suggest you to subscribe to any online test series. Take full fledged mock test (both MCQ and descriptive in one go) at least 5, before your exam. All the best!

Join Jisha and many of our readers at my Facebook group now. If you have any question or query, feel free to ask on below comment box, thank you.

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  1. Please suggest good book for practice set, solved papers etc.

    1. Harshad, do check it here for books.

  2. How to crack descriptive paper and how to build the wrting skills of essay and letter writing, precis, comprehension.

    1. RAJA g, i will soon provide post on that, wait for a few days.

  3. i haven't started preparing for SBI PO till now. Any suggestions how to go about it now..??


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