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[Study Material] Civil Engineering - SSC Junior Engineer 2014 Exam

By - The official notification for the recruitment of Junior Engineer by Staff Selection Commission is announced.Diploma and Degree Pass out engineer from recognised university/institute can apply for the junior engineer exam on or before 28th March, 2014. Last year more then 1,65,661 candidates appeared in this examination and this year i guess more then 4 lac candidates are going to appear in this exam. To make these competition bit narrow, i am providing you study material for the exam.

[Study Material] Civil Engineering - SSC Junior Engineer 2014 Exam

[Study Material] Civil Engineering - SSC Junior Engineer 2014 Exam
Below is the syllabus of SSC Junior Engineering for Civil, where you can collect all the major topics that you learn in engineering exam, check it out.

Syllabus of CIVIL Junior Engineering exam :- Building Materials, Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Hydraulics,Irrigation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering.Structural Engineering–Theory of Structures, Concrete Technology, RCC Design, Steel Design.

1. Building Materials - As you have learn in your degree diploma, building materials will have questions like Physical and Chemical properties, classification, standard tests, uses and manufacture/quarrying of materials e.g. building stones, silicate based materials, cement etc. For that use This PDF file which have overview of  Building Materials and This Book which is written by Jong-Jin Kim, Assistant Professor of Architecture(The University of Michigan).

2. Estimating, Costing and Valuation :- In this section, you will get questions on estimate, glossary of technical terms, analysis of rates, methods and unit of measurement, Items of work–earthwork, Brick work (Modular & Traditional bricks),RCC work, Shuttering, Timber work, Painting, Flooring, Plastering. Boundary wall, Brick building,Water Tank, Septic tank, Bar bending schedule, Centre line method, which you have learn in degree diploma course. For that This PDF file is more then enough and if you need more then you can go with this PDF file too.

3. Surveying - The concept of Surveying includes topics like Principles of surveying, measurement of distance, chain surveying, working of prismatic compass, compass traversing, bearings, local attraction, plane table surveying, theodolite traversing,adjustment of theodolite, Levelling, Definition of terms used in Levelling, contouring, curvature and refraction corrections etc. For this Use this PDF file which have Surveying intro, then this book which have Surveying Equipment, Measurements and Errors and last this book specially for Levelling and Surveying. 

4.Soil Mechanics:  The Soil Mechanics also includes sub topics like Origin of soil, phase diagram, Definitions-void ratio, porosity, degree of saturation,water content, specific gravity of soil grains, unit weights, density index and interrelationship of different parameters, Grain size distribution curves and their uses. Index properties of soils,Atterberg‘s limits, ISI soil classification and plasticity chart. Permeability of soil, coefficient of permeability, determination of coefficient of permeability, Unconfined and confined aquifers,effective stress, quick sand, consolidation of soils, Principles of consolidation, degree of consolidation etc. For these topics you can refer to this PDF File, more about soil mechanics is available on wiki page.

5. Hydraulics: Fluid properties, hydrostatics, measurements of flow, Bernoulli‘s theorem and its application, flow through pipes, flow in open channels, weirs, flumes, spillways, pumps and turbines. For these topics i suggest you to go with this PDF file, which have included everything.

6. Irrigation Engineering - Definition, necessity, benefits, 2II effects of irrigation, types and methods of irrigation, Hydrology–Measurement of rainfall, run off coefficient, rain gauge, losses from precipitation–evaporation, infiltration, etc. Water requirement of crops, duty, delta and base period,Kharif and Rabi Crops, Command area, Time factor, Crop ratio, Overlap allowance, Irrigation efficiencies. Different type of canals, types of canal irrigation, loss of water in canals. For this topic, here is the book for irrigation engineering.

7. Transportation Engineering - In transportation engineering, Highway Engineering–cross sectional elements, geometric design,types of pavements, pavement materials–aggregates and bitumen, different tests, Design of flexible and rigid pavements–Water Bound Macadam (WBM) and Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) also included. For these, use this PDF file and this file.

8. Environmental Engineering: Quality of water, source of water supply, purification of water,distribution of water, need of sanitation, sewerage systems, circular sewer, oval sewer, sewer appurtenances, sewage treatments. Surface water drainage.Solid waste management–types, effects,engineered management system. Air pollution. Please refer to this PDF file and for more, use this another file.

9. Structural Engineering - In Structural engineering, the question will be focused Theory of structures, concrete technology, RCC Design and Steel Design. for that i found this PDF File, which have almost all the thing, to read.

10. If you don't want to read all this topic from different file, then go with this book "Jr Engineers Exam Guide: Civil and Structural Engineering" which include all the above topics in single book.

That's it, all the syllabus of Jr. engineer Civil post is covered on the above topics, if you need more suggestion or study material, do join my facebook group and post there. The official doc of SSC Jr Engineer has all the details, you can also ask your query on the below comment box. Thank you :).

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