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Geometry Formulas - SSC CGL Maths Study Material

SSC CGL 2014 Exam is just too close now and Geometry which is sub topic in Quantitative aptitude subject. I have already provided the Quantitative aptitude subject study material with all the other subjects. But as per the visitor's demand, here is the file of Geometry Formulas for all the geometry questions which are asked in SSC CGL Examination.

Geometry Formulas - SSC CGL Maths Study Material

Geometry Formulas - SSC CGL Maths Study Material
I am providing separate formulas for Geometry because geometry is one of the most asked topic in ssc exams. If you have checked my analysis for important question, where i have mentioned important topics for SSC CGL exam based on past 4 year of exam paper analysis. I have mentioned that in last 2013 ssc cgl exam, there are 12 questions on Geometry subject, so you can no escape from this subject.

I know its bit boring and difficult too but the thing is you need to crack this subject at any cost and for that reason, you need this formulas too. Do download this formula file and start preparation for the geometry subject for ssc exams.

Click here to get the Geometry Formulas from PDF File.

In this file, you can find the formulas on two dimension and three dimension figures. Like, formulas of Circle, Sector of circle, Segment of circle, Arc of circle, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, trapezoid, kite, triangle-common, equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle,  Prism, rectangular, cone, frustum of right circular cone, pyramid, frustum of pyramid, sphere, hemisphere, hollow-cylinder etc.

if you need more study material about quantitative aptitude then do check this below mentioned links for SSC CGL 2014 Exam.
You can get all the study material from above mentioned link. as this post is on user request, you can also request your topic or study material on below mentioned comment box. for more updates and study material keep visiting this.

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