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20 Question Answer from Budget 2014 - For Upcoming Government Exam

The budget for the financial year 2014 is announced by finance minister of India today. To target competitive exams, you will defiantly get questions on upcoming government jobs where general awareness, current affairs is the subject (i.e SSC CGL 2014 or ESIC SSO Exam). So, if you want to good marks in competitive exams, you need to answer every question correctly. So, here is some questions i have prepared for you in reference to Budget 2014.

Question Answer from Budget 2014  - For Upcoming Government Exam

Question Answer from Budget 2014
Here is some of the objective questions (MCQs) that can be asked in upcoming exams from budget 2014. Do read it, i am not providing options, just direct answer, to avoid confusions. Here we go :).

1. This is not Union Budget of financial year 2014-15, its Interim Budget 2014. it will be valid for next 4 month. As after that new government will come in power, after election 2014. This is last budget of UPA - 2.

2. What was the fiscal deficit in the year 2013-14? - 4.6%.

3. Is there any change in Tax Slab? - No, no change in Tax slab, all are continued as per previous year.

4. How much increase in defence budget of india? - The defence budget is increased by 10% to Rs 2.24 lakh crore.

5. How many percentage change in Excise duty of SUVs (sports utility vehicle) ? - The excise duty on SUVs are decreased to 24% from 30%.

6. What is Excise Duty on all other products? (capital goods ) - The excise duty (import duty) is now reduced to 10% from 12%. (so mobiles, TV, bikes and small cars will be cheaper).

7. Budget for the Railway support increased by? - it is now raised to 29,000 cr.

8. How many mega volt electricity added? - In last fiscal year, government has added 29,000 MW of power capacity.

9. Total Export in year 2013-14? - $326 billion Exports are done in last financial year.

10.Agriculture GDP growth increased to 4% during UPA II.

11. What was overall GDP rate in year 2013-14? - 4.9 per cent.

12.How many woman's have been provided the Self Help Groups? - Only 41,16,000 (41 Lakh, 16 Thousand).

13. Rs.100cr for Technical Development in india.

14.Growth in Q3 and Q4 FY14 will be at least 5.2 per cent.

15. Foodgrain production estimated at 263 million tons in 2013-14.

16. More 1 million jobs (10 lakh) to be created in next year. (more government jobs):)

17. CAD (current account deficit) will be contained $45 million.

18. Rs 65,000 crore for fuel subsidies (Diesel and petrol price to go down). 

19. Indian Finance minister Palaniappan Chidambaram has announced the budget.

That's it, these are the only questions or key Highlights you need to keep in mind, as it will be questioned in financial current affairs phones, Cars, SUVs and TV (LCD LED) to be cheaper after this budget. So, they want us to eat SUV cars. (:P) Are you guys happy with this budget?

you can read more about general awareness and current affairs on the blow links. if you have any question or query, feel free to ask on comment below :).

Reference :- Live Telecast of Budget 2014.

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