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List of Interview Questions for IBPS SO III 2014 -

The exam result of IBPS SO III Common Written Exam is announced last night. Many of our visitor got selected for Interview process, Big-big congratulations to all of you, better luck next time to all who got failed. If you are failed then its time to focus on SBI SO 2014 and SSC CGL 2014 exam, and if you are selected for Interview, then this post is for you. As you know, recently IBPS also gone for the interview of IBPS Clerk III candidates, and the interview experience has given positive light for the candidates of IBPS SO III interview.
List of Interview Questions for IBPS SO III 2014

Yes, The interviews are now quite easy, mostly average time of each interview is 10-20 minutes, not more then it. Also, they don't ask question on Current affairs or general knowledge, then directly going to the profile based questions. It means for Clerk and PO they ask questions on Banking Awareness subject, related to banking, RBI Policy and etc. (which i have noticed in read of last few interview experience). So, here i am giving you questions for IBPS SO Interview for the candidates who are going to face the personal interview for the post of IBPS Specialist officer.

Before going to that, i would like to tell you that the cut off marks for IBPS SO 3, exam marks, no of posts and no of candidates shortlisted for interview, such statistics are not yet announced, you will receive the update very soon (within 10days, stay tuned).

List of Interview Questions for IBPS SO III 2014 -

So, What will they ask in interview? Well, its quite easy guess, that all they are going to ask you is the questions based on the professional knowledge. As the post, specialist officer, is specially focusing on the specialty of the officer. So, Don't waste much time on reading maths, quant, reasoning, English. Try to focus more and more questions on your professional knowledge section. 

FIND the book you read for ibps SO professional knowledge subject, and read again, revise again the whole book, as most of the questions are going to be asked on the professional knowledge section only. So, all you need is to revise that book again. Below is the list of topics you need to read for the interview of IBPS Specialist officer.

1. For IT Officer Post - Topics to read for IBPS SO Interview
  • Programming,
  • DBMS,
  • Networking,
  • Network Security,
  • Web Technologies,
  • Basic fundamentals of Hardware's!
2. Interview Topics for HR/Officer Specialist officer (IBPS)
  • Nature and Functions of HRM,
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures,
  • Principles of HRM,
  • HRM Planning,
  • Recruitment and Selection,
  • Orientation and socialisation,
  • Transfer, Promotion, Demotion, Separation,
  • Training and Development,
  • Job Analysis
3. Important Interview Topics for Law Officer IBPS SO
  • Banking regulation, 
  • compliance, 
  • Legal aspects, 
  • Banking regulation act, 
  • Reserve bank of india act, 
  • Credit information bureau
4. Interview Topics for Finance & Chartered Accountants IBPS SO
  • 1. Advanced Accounting
  • 2. Auditing
  • 3. Financial Management
  • 4. Financial Statements
  • 5. Financial Management in Public Sector Enterprises 
  • 6. Bare Acts

You can get more about the each topics mentioned above on the link attached with the title. you will find all the syllabus and study material for each topic on the respective link only.

In addition, they can ask you questions on banking awareness subject, related to banking, policy and all. For that i recommended you to go with the below book, which is quite focused on the banking awareness subject. Do read the below book (you can buy it online or offline), and start preparation as soon as possible.

Banking Awareness: The Complete Book for IBPS

Because, the interviews are going to organised very soon (with in month, march end or april starting), so guys you have very short time to prepare for IBPS interview and for the preparation of the other exams like SSC CGL and SBI SO (if you are going to appear). So, Plan well and follow the plan for preparation.

Interview Dates for the IBPS SO III?

As mentioned above, the interview dates are not announced yet, you will be informed once the official date is announced, (tentative dates are march/april 2014).

You can join our facebook group for asking query and for sharing material. for more questions, you can ask me on the below comment. Thank you!

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  1. Hey Thanks for the info... But could you please help out with topics to read for marketing officer??

  2. vicky the interview conversation for ibps so is english or local laguage?actually in ibps clerk the interview conversation is local here is same or different??


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