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How to do Time Management During Test? - Time Management Tips for Competitive Exam

On the recent exams like IBPS Specialist officer, IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO exam, almost all the candidate questioned and felt helpless for time management in exam. On the exam analysis of ibps so exam, almost all the candidate felt that they lack time management, so here is my detail and analysis for time management, where i am going to share you reason for lacking time management and what are the way you can manage time in exam more easy way.

How to do Time Management During Test? - Time Management Tips for Competitive Exam

How to do Time Management During Test? - Time Management Tips for Competitive Exam

As you know, nowadays for almost all the exams (Bank exam, IBPS, SBI, CAT, GATE, SSC CGL, CMAT), candidates are appearing in more and more numbers and its getting more tough job to get government jobs nowadays. And to clear such high competition exam, you need time management skill, which you will get only by managing and practicing more and more questions. But most of the candidate questioned that even after that (solving more), there is SOMETHING which they lack in managing time (during test), so here is some of the points that you need to look for.

Check your Time Position During Test

It means knowing where are you, let me assume that you are having total of 120 minutes (2 hrs as most of the exams have this much time only), and you have to clear 200 questions. So, it is almost 0.6 second to clear or answer each question. So, you need speed to read and clear each and every question.  But all the section is not same and some of the sections are time consuming, like quantitative and reading comprehension are quite time taking. So, you must have below like stat after solving each and every question.

How to measure your speed during test?

Positive ahead of time (3 minutes ahead)
Neutral on time (+/- 3 minutes)
Negative behind on time (>3 minutes behind)

As you can see, on the above table, i have given example of state of time for speed of question solving in exam. Let me explain with example, for example you have cleared 10 questions after 20 minutes. for Maths section you need attest 1.5 (70-90 seconds) per question so, for right now 10/20, you are going at 2 second per question means you are behind of time, so its negative. And same for Natural speed, your motto should be in natural speed to solve questions and on time or ahead of time in exam.

So to increase your speed or to be on time for solving question you must know the factors for scoring.

Factors affecting to Score More

1. Everyone gets lots of wrong answer and blank answer too. Your goal should be to answer more no of correct answer to beat the competition.

2. You will hurt more if your easy question gets wrong and you will hurt less if you harder question gets wrong, right? So, be careful while answering easy one.

3. If you missed 3-4 question in raw, this will going to make metal attention on your mind (something like how can i miss 5 questions in raw?) These mind set will led you to negative time (slow speed of question solving).

4. Anyhow you have to reach finishing line, before time or on time.

So, these are the few points that you need to keep in mind which will help you to crack exam easily and score more.
How to do Time Management During Test? - Time Management Tips for Competitive Exam

Average time needed to crack each question (subject wise)

On the below table, you can find the minimum time and maximum time to crack each and every question, subject wise with average time to solve.

Question Type Average timing Min and Max
Quantitative 2 minutes 1 minute; 2.5 minutes
Sentence Correction 1 minute 15 seconds 30 seconds; 2 minutes
Critical Reasoning 2 minutes 1 minute; 2.5 minutes
Reading Comp.: Reading 2 to 3 minutes 1.5 minutes; 3.5 minutes
Reading Computer General Questions
(GK,computer etc)
1 minute 30 seconds; 1 minute 30 seconds
Reading Computer Specific Questions 1.5 minutes 45 seconds; 2 minutes
Integrated Reasoning 2.5 minutes 1 minute; 3 minutes

So, you can calculate that all you need to have is to achieve average time for each type of question solving.  As you know, maths section is time consuming, reasoning too, so maximum time you can allot is 2 minutes for each question, which you need to cover in other section like English, general knowledge, general awareness and computer, to catch average time.

I have taken minimum and maximum time for question, which is for the different candidates, i mean not every candidate can get minimum minutes, and they will finish in maximum time for each question, which is the actual reflection of winner. Also, i have given more time to reading speed, as you know, almost all the competitive exams are now online test, so you need to read the paragraph on computer screen, at that time, your reading speed will be lesser then your normal reading speed (on paper). So, all you can do is read more and more on computer screen (not on mobile: P).

What you can do to improve your result?

To improve result, you need to separate or i can say identify the questions which are time consuming. At time of revision or practice, you will defiantly meet with the questions which are more time consuming, type of question which is not solvable, which you can simple (skip) pass in exam, then answering wrong answer.

You need to improve your speed by first getting accuracy and then solving more and more questions to get speed in solving. Improving 1-minute sense or two minute sense in solving question will help you to crack more question in lesser time. I will explain it in next post, about one minute and two minute sense.

How to improve Timings in online test?

On the test (Ground zero), after certain period of time (for say after 1 hr), you feel that you are too behind in solving questions, you are in negative timing. At that time, most of the candidate goes emotional or messed up. Don’t do that, stay calm, and give few seconds to check how many questions are left to solve and time left.

Now, don’t go for solving each and every question,  (also solving question in speed will cause you more wrong answer), in that case you need to SKIP the questions which you feel more time consuming, as now you have to focus on the sectional cut off too. You need to secure minimum marks in each section.

Make some instant, immediate, random guess and skip the question which you feel hard or time consuming. On this way, depends on type of question and how quickly you moved on from question, you can save time and reach finishing line on time.

On other hand, if you feel that after sometime that you are going too fast in solving, which is very rare, and then slower down a bit yourself? Because it may happen that you are making much wrong answer in case of hurry.  But if you are sure for your answer, then keep going on your speed and save time for reviewing answers.

Hope this tutorial will help you to manage your time during test and to solve more question in less time.  Do you have any questions? if yes, then ask on comment below, if you liked my article, do give your feedback, thank you :)
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