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How to Crack IBPS Interview - Full Guide to Crack Bank Interviews

This post will help you to crack the IBPS Bank exam interview. As there are many interview notification are coming, and our visitor demanded for the interview guide, here is the guide for how to crack ibps exam interview. As you know i have already posted the guide for how to answer difficult question in interview, now this will give you full guide for the interview.Here you will find full guide like important things before interview, body language, preparation, how to answer and everything. Then lets start with the IBPS Interview guide.

How to Crack IBPS Interview - Full Guide to Crack Bank Interviews

How to Crack IBPS Interview - Full Guide to Crack Bank Interviews

1. Before Interview - Before interview, all you need to do is to read about the interview, now you will ask that how to identify that what they will ask? Well, quite simple, they are always going to ask you about the post only. They are not free people or doing time pass over there. so, all they have is to ask direct meaningful questions and make it possible as fast. So, for example if you are going for IBPS Specialist officer interview then they will ask questions related to your post (HR/IT/LAW/CA etc). The below details will add more info about the type of questions in interview.
  • IBPS Clerk Interview - They ask mostly about the Banking awareness and banking terms, RBI rules and policy.
  • IBPS PO Interview - IBPS PO Interview, again more emphasis is on banking awareness, then banking terms.
  • IBPS Specialist officer- Banking awareness + professional knowledge.
  • List of Imp Interview Questions for IBPS
Do Reserch - practice - homework well - Yes, its quite necessary to do homework before interview. You need to aware of the facts and the figures of the topic you are going to answer in the interview session.Important topics about banking, revenue of the banks, growth rate, no of branches, no of ATMs and etc.

Dressing - Yes, dressing is also play quite important role in interview process. you need to look good, simple and sobar as much as possible. Do not go with much make up and all, try to wear formal dressing.

Check the Interview Timing - Do check the interview timings, be on time, reach the interview place before reporting time, don't late (no excuse on coming late is acceptable).

Documents verification- Get all the documents with you , make sure you are not left any important documents that are needed for document verification process before ibps interview.

2. In the Interview - In the interview room, don't look much stressed, look simple, free and don't get nervous, they are killer. Keep smile on your face and greet all the panelist who are there to take interview. First question you are going to face is "tell me about yourself", and you have to do mock practice for this question, before interview.
How to Crack IBPS Interview - Full Guide to Crack Bank Interviews

Body Language - The most important thing in interview you need to take care, don't get nervous when they as you difficult question. Always make eye contact with each interviewer, seat softly, Don't play with your watch, clothes, bag etc, don't think about anything else, just focus on what they are asking and yes, Listen carefully before answering.

Don't blame others - When i used to take interviews in my previous job, people use to blame others, for example, "why banking jobs?" then don't give answer like for good salary and secure job, better to answer like "I was ready for more challenge", or "Each job offered a better opportunity, which I took...,".

Answer questions directly - Don't try to confuse them, just simply answer, short and sweet and direct on point answer. They are not fool to get fooled by confusion, they are having better knowledge so, don't try to teach them. Elaborate your point with good example, always.

Sell yourself - If you want the job then you need to show them the finest thing about yourself, and for that, don't hesitate, just simply give what you can give them. Give them reason to hire you, sell yourself.

Be Positive - The candidate should be positive in saying, "I don't know the other applicants, but generally I excel at..." and pick up strengths that most fit with what they're seeking.

That's it, no more tips, its time to execute it, right? For any query, feel free to ask, thank you for reading it, hope it help you :).

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