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GTU TECHNICAL FESTIVAL 2014 - Date and Time of Technical Festival of GTU

Gujarat Technological University mostly referred as GTU is a leading university for technological studies in Gujarat. It is one of the nationally acclaimed universities among the group of other universities in INDIA. It has been a University that other universities take guidance and inspirations from. This University has sculpted many good and best technological experts and professionals that are today part of large scale succeeding organizations. It has been a University that students want to be a part of and very well-known name in the student arena. 

GTU TECHNICAL FESTIVAL 2014 - Date and Time of Technical Festival of GTU

GTU has always been ahead and in search of ways to motivate and develop its students. GTU has been a keen developer of talent and bringing out the best in a student. GTU this time has come up with the innovative and motivating Idea of Technical Festival.

The Idea of Technical Festival has been formed to develop the real talent by implementing it practically and to bring out that hidden talent of students on floor. Students would get a good exposure from many new faculties and also from other talents. A healthy competitive atmosphere would develop the budding brains to grow into trees. This type of event would be a nurturing and nourishment to the students. The idea of Technological event was proposed by university to different students through Round Table Conference on 16th of February. Different students had put forward their opinions and ideas. And thus the emergence of GTU Technical Festival occurred. This Festival would be held on two levels first would be Zonal and then National. The Zonal festival would invite different zonal institutes from around Gujarat to take part in it and show up the best talent. From this Zonal round some of the best of the students would be selected and then the competition would carry forward on national level. 

It would be a very good exposure for the bright new ideas. Also students would learn a lot of new topics and Ideas with help of such an Event. The lists of the colleges that are invited to host technical festival are L.J. Institute of Technology-Ahmadabad, Alpha College of Engineering and Venus International Engineering College-Gandhinagar, Babaria Institute of Engineering- Vadodara, VVP Engineering College and Marwadi College of Engineering- Rajkot, Sarvajanik College of Engineering- Surat, L.D College of Engineering and Vishwakarma Government Engineering College from Central Zone. The first round of festival would be hosted in these colleges. These colleges would need to confirm their participation approval with GTU. The second round of Tech Festival would be held at L.D Engineering College Ahmedabad and VGEC.

This would be the first Technological Festival to be organized by GTU. It would be a very great experience for students as well as the faculties involved. Students are really very excited about the event and universities are preparing its students to take part in the festival. Faculties are being very helpful to students to not only just take part in the event but also to win the event with good scores. 

This event would increase the reputation of GTU and it would also increase the reputation of institutes that are taking part and winning it. There are in total 6 colleges invited to take part on Zonal level to host Technological festival in Gujarat. These colleges would need to confirm their participation for the festival. This event is bound to be successful with its innovative and very first attempt. Being the first attempt for Technological Festival GTU has put its best efforts so that there stays no loopholes in the success of the event.

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