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[Exam Paper] GTU MCA 4th Semester Question Papers -

The end of search for the GTU MCA 4th Semester Students. Yes, I have already updated past question paper for the 1st,2nd and 3rd semester. Here i am coming for the 4th semester students. You can check the exam papers from the below mentioned links.
[Exam Paper] GTU MCA 4th Semester Question Papers

I have arranged the past question papers of the GTU MCA 4th semester in year and subject wise mode. As you can get the exam papers at official site of GTU too, but not in arranged words. So, here is the Arranged way of Past question paper for MCA 4th Semester, starting from winter exam 2011 to last exam Winter 2014/13 exam. Check below the all exam papers for all subjects, including elective subjects too.

[Exam Paper] GTU MCA 4th Semester Question Papers- Subject wise and year wise

Subject Code Subject Name Summer 2011 Winter 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2013 Winter
640001 Fundamentals of Networking (FON) 640001 640001 640001 640001 640001
640002 Web Technology and Application Development (WT and AD) 640002 640002 640002 640002 640002
640003 Operations Research (OR) 640003 640003 640003 640003 640003
640004 Management Information System (MIS) 640004 640004 640004 640004 640004
640011 Systems Programming Skills-I (FON) - - - - -
6400012 Programming Skills-IV (WT and AD) . . . . .
640005 Data Warehousing and Data Mining (DWDM) - Elective-I* 640005 640005 640005 640005 640005
640006 Data Warehousing and Data Mining (DWDM) - Elective-I* 640006 640006 640006 640006 640006
640007 Distributed Computing (DC1) - Elective-I* 640007 - - 640007 -
640008 Computer Graphics (CG) - Elective-I* 640008 640008 640008 640008 640008
640009 Soft Computing (SC) - Elective-I* 640009 - 640009 640009 640009
640010 Analysis and Design of Algorithm (ADA) - Elective-I* 640010 - - - -

All the above question papers are from site. you can also go there for more exam papers. i have already share the study material for the GTU MCA 4th semester. Because for the subjects like MIS, OR and FON, you must need extra notes and hand written notes apart from syllabus book. So, do refer to study material page and get all the study material for the GTU MCA.

That all study material is collected for all the Syllabus of GTU for 4th semester. just look at that link and you will feel good to get all the study material. As i personal believe that to improve GTU Exam Result and to crack GTU Exam, you must need question papers and Study Material.

you can comment below, if you have any question, query or request. i will try to provide you all. Thank you :)

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