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[Study Plan] SSC CGL 2014 Preparation Strategy - Tips and Tricks to Crack SSC CGL 2014

The official notification for SSC CGL 2014 is announced and the preparation for the SSC CGL 2014 is started now by the candidates of CGL 2013 and 2014. There is no change in exam pattern this year by SSC for CGL Exam and that is biggest relief i guess for all the candidates. I have already posted the study material for SSC CGL and Best books for SSC CGL 2014, now here is the study plan for SSC CGL 2014.

SSC CGL 2014 Preparation Strategy - Tips and Tricks to Crack CGL 2014
SSC CGL 2013 Exam Result

Before going to the study plan, i want to say something to the SSC CGL 2013 candidates.i know guys, you were worked hard for CGL 2013 exam, but many of you have to go for re-exam. Don't feel bad for your hard work, you had given 2nd chance by god to prove your self, so use it wisely. Take it in positive manner and prepare again for the exam. Whatever it is 2013 or CGL 2014, you are about to prepare right? Then let it be for two exams, prepare hard and follow the study plan.

[Study Plan] SSC CGL 2014 Preparation Strategy - Tips and Tricks to Crack CGL 2014

Why you need study plan for SSC CGL 2014? Well, with out any doubt, i must say because of competition. Yes, Competition is the key for the to follow plan, because SSC CGL is not any other IBPS exam, here in CGL no of candidates who appear in the exam is much more then your expectation. Take a look at the below graph, where i have compared the number of candidates appeared in the SSC CGL exam in last few years.
number of candidates appeared in the SSC CGL
As you can see, the competition is growing day by day, with such large number, that you can not ignore. My purpose to share number of candidates is that to make you aware with the competition of SSC CGL exam. And this is one of the reason to follow proper study plan for SSC CGL.

The graph of candidates in exam is increasing with no of vacancy announced by SSC CGL is also increasing year by year. So, its WIN - WIN situation for both side, more jobs and more competition. Don't fear with high competition guys, i am here to help you to crack SSC CGL 2014, lets move to the study plan now.

1. Focusing on important topics of SSC CGL Syllabus

Out of full syllabus of CGL Exam, there are few topics which are quite important for the CGL Exam in each subject. In CGL you will get question on Logical Reasoning (General Intelligence), English (Vocab, Grammar), General Awareness and Quantitative aptitude. For all these subjects, i have already posted the Analysis with important topics to read in each subject with help of past question papers of SSC CGL. So, with help of these important topics, you will get idea about which topics to read and which topics to give more weight-age.

2. Revision is Most Important

Many students don't find much time to read or revise the topics they read for each subject. This is where you guys makes mistake, yes you have to revise the thing you have done. Make your habit to revise the topics you read, write down the important things, maths formula (which makes you time consuming). Revision will help you to remember topics easily, and will solve the problem of forgetting and not-remembering. I have got many mails regarding this problem where students don't remember the things they have just read, follow this, you will defiantly feel relaxed (Try out and give me feedback).

3. Test Yourself Regularly - Mock Test(s)

SSC CGL 2014 Preparation Strategy

This thing is also important as revision, if you don't test yourself regularly then how come you know that what you know, how much you know about the syllabus. So, keep prepare for mock test, if you don't find any mock test then comment below, i will defiantly try to provide you mock test for ssc cgl. Candidates who are preparing with help of coaching center have no worry about this as they must getting regular test (if not then ask for one).

4. Flukes - Guesstimate Not Work Always

SSC CGL and all other Competitive exams like IBPS becomes more competitive, which i mentioned above with stats. So, in such case, guess work won't work any more as most of the candidates are now so much aggressive for government jobs and they really work hard, if you want government jobs then you also have to study hard and give your best. Also, Negative marking will eliminate most of the guesstimate answers.

5. Time Management for SSC CGL Exam

I always point out about time management as we indian have to deal with lots of festivals (Till April 2014 we will have Holi, Valentine Day and many more festivals), then facebook and twitter and then movies eat lots of time of much focused candidates who don't wish to waste their time in such stuff (:-P). So, Don't get out of focus and keep study, i am not saying to not to enjoy festivals but make time table for the study and enjoyment side by side, as both things are important.

6. Study Material and Books for SSC CGL

You must need lots of study material to practice more for each subject and the reason, i have provided topic wise study material for each subject. Check below links for the Study material for each subject and start preparation for CGL as soon as possible. its not study material only, i have provided the study guide for each subject too, you can check and let me know if you need anything else for any subject.

The list of best books for SSC CGL 2014 is also listed on this link. Check the best book and get one which you feel best for you. if you are regular aspirants of government exams, then i guess you won't need any extra book for preparation, even if you need then buy one, don't bother for books, as books is important to crack any exam.

7. SSC CGL is not the END!

I know everyone has dream to get job in government sector but if you got failed in SSC CGL then there are many more Government jobs to announced in 2014. So, there are lots of opportunities to knock your door, if not this then next, but try hard to get placed in this one only, so no need to appear in any more exams. :)

Okay, so now you have everything, Important topics to read for SSC CGL exam, Study material for SSC CGL and books for SSC CGL, along with this study plan. I guess i have given you almost all the things for exam, if you need more then you can ask me in the below comment section.

For instant help and more updates, you can join my facebook group, for more updates on each and every government job updates, thank you :)

Note:- Number candidates stats are taken from the official website of SSC CGL Press release (

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