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[Study Material] SSC CGL Logical Reasoning-General Intelligence SSC CGL 2014

If you are going to appear in SSC CGL 2014 and if you want score high in logical reasoning (General Intelligence) section then you need to study hard for this section as this section is going to be most critical. Most of the students got confused in this topic as this topic is not that much easy we think about, so here is study guide with material for SSC CGL Logical reasoning section.

In SSC CGL, logical reasoning section has large number of sub section, means more study, more practice and more concentration in this section is required. So, here is the detail study guide for Logical reasoning part for SSC CGL students only based on my analysis for SSC CGL past exam papers.

[Study Material] SSC CGL Logical Reasoning-General Intelligence SSC CGL 2014

SSC CGL Logical Reasoning-General Intelligence SSC CGL 2014

1. Series - In series section, you will get questions on Analogy, classification, dictionary based series,inserting missing characters,logical sequence of words and etc questions which is in series. For such questions and to get command on series, you need to practice as much as you can for this section. For practice, go with the good logical reasoning book. if you want study material then its available on my facebook group.

2. Arrangement - Though a low weight-age but we can't ignore this section. In this section mostly question comes from Sitting arrangement (line, table and circular), Blood relations (sister -in- law,-dad-father in law), Building, car, colors, occupations of persons, Schedule based, and Direction based. Again this section This section also should covered from logical reasoning book.

3. Non-verbal - In this section you will get question on image based, Sequence of figures, Mirrors and water reflection etc which again should be covered from book.

4. Coding-Decoding - In this section you will get question from coding questions (like VICKY will be written as KIDJT), Symbols, maths and other operation related to coding. For this section, i will upload material and notes on facebook group and then you will find the more from your reasoning book.

if you want books then check this list of best books for reasoning, and choose the best one you want. if you need my help then you can comment below for help. Thank you!

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