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[Study Material] SSC CGL English Vocabulary - Grammar - SSC CGL 2014

Are you poor in English subject? want to crack and get full marks in Vocabulary, Grammar and Comprehension? Then this post will help you to get good understanding and how to study for each topic in English section, study material, notes and books are going to posted on this post. In SSC CGL 2014, English section has 50 questions and main focus are on Vocabulary section as most of the questions comes from this section.

So, here is the topic wise study material and guide for each topics and sub topics for English subject, check this post. These topics are collected from my analysis of important topics in SSC CGL, based on study of last 4 years exam papers of SSC CGL.

[Study Material] SSC CGL English Vocabulary - Grammar - SSC CGL 2014

Lets, see the study guide and study material topic wise for each section. how to read each topic in english subject for ssc cgl 2014.
[Study Material] SSC CGL English Vocabulary - Grammar - SSC CGL 2014

1. Vocabulary :- In vocab section, you will get questions on Synonyms, Antonyms, Fill in the blanks (single statement), Fill in the blank (huge paragraph), Spelling mistake, Idioms and phrases, One word substitution (same as synonyms). These topics are quite important and critical too as you need reading speed, good understanding of english words, and high concentration. Because single reading mistake can cause you lose of marks.

Then how to improve vocab? To improve it, you need to self practice lots of words. You need to have list of synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases. i have posted study material for GRE Exam, where you will get high level list of words which will help you to improve vocab section.

Practice is the only key to success in vocab section, as you need to learn it your self. if you still need any book then i will recommend you to Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis.

This books will look heavy and thick but the language of this book is quite lucid, easy to understand. you will defiantly love to read this book.

This book will help you to guess the answer, based on mixture of guesswork and calculation (what we call is guesstimate).

Not just for SSC CGL exam, but for any other exam, you can go with this book to imrpove your vocab section.

Click here to buy it now.

As i recommended you these book, let me tell you about this book, you will get 40 sections in this book, 40 chapters. so you can finish 3-4 chapter a day and learn good vocab on daily basis. Use appendix to learn meaning of each words.

if you want more then download this free software http://wordweb.info/free/ (WordWeb) and start online preparation for vocab section. if you need how use this software guide, i will post soon.

2. English Grammar - In english grammer section, which is 2nd largest in marks weight-age in SSC CGL exam. In this section you will get question on sub topics like Sentence correction, Sentence improvement, Active passive and direct indirect speech.

For sentence correction, i have posted some notes on facebook group, you can try that, also you can go with GRE section material which is also useful for english grammer. you can take a look at best books for english subject which will help you to improve grammer section.

The "Objective General English" is also good book to improve English subject. This book covers all the section of English grammar and all you need to learn for English grammar is inside this book. This book has explained Grammar in very lucid and structured manner.

3.Comprehension - In Comprehension section,you need to read and practice, that's the only way to learn about the comprehension. you need to read as much as you can, because reading more will increase your reading speed. No book or tips will work for this section.

That's all for english, if you need anything else, then you can comment below your query, i will defiantly reply you all, thank you :)

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