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[Study Material] Quantitative Aptitude (Tier-1) SSC CGL 2014

Are you going to contest SSC CGL 2014 exam? are you weak in Quantitative Aptitude section or need more practice in maths section, do you want study material for SSC CGL Maths section then you can check this post, as i am posting section wise - topic wise study material for SSC CGL Maths section. i am not going to teach you short cut tricks and all other things, that you need to learn by yourself only or you can ask such maths queries on my Facebook group to get quick answer.

Here i am posting topic wise (topics which are mentioned in ssc cgl syllabus), how to study for Quantitative Aptitude section in SSC CGL, as (majority) most of the candidate fail to get cut off score in maths subject only  so, to solve this problem, here is my post for study material Quant section SSC CGL 2014.

[Study Material] Quantitative Aptitude (Tier-1) SSC CGL 2014

I am taking reference of all topics from my post where i posted analysis of important topics for SSC CGL, with help of last 4 years of question papers.
[Study Material] Quantitative Aptitude (Tier-1) SSC CGL 2014

1. Number theory - In Number theory, you will get questions on Divisibility, remainders, LCM and HCF, MCQs on Unknown numbers from given condition for Fractions-comparisons. To study these section, you can use NCERT books from class 7 (2nd and 9th chapter for fraction), from chapter 10th, you will get notes on divisibility. For more practice, you can get R.S.Aggrawal Quantitative Aptitude Book, which is best book for Quant.

2. Basic Maths Questions - In basic maths, you have to prepare for Surds, indices, BODMAS, Roots, squares and Cubes. All this topics are available in NCERT book (Class 8th, Chapter 1st, 6th,7th and 12th and class 9th's chapter 1st.).

3. Algebra - In Algebra section you will get question on sub topics like Linear equation (find x etc), Quadratic equations, Polynomials and Wine-Water mixture questions. For these topics, again go with your school books, NCERT class 9th and 10th maths book have everything for these topics.

4. Average and Ratios :- In this section, you will get sub topic questions like simple average, Ratio-Proportion-variations and questions on partnership. For all above topics, you can go with NCERT books (class 8th) which are available free.

5. Time, Speed and Distance :- For this section, you need to practice a lot, again go with R.S.Aggrawal quant book and NCERT Class 9th maths book have all the formula and questions. Don't avoid this section, as you all know, this is most asked question in competitive exam.

6. Geometry :- Get NCERT class 8th,9th and 10th books

7. Percentage,  Permutation, Combination and Probability :- For these section, i will upload material on facebook group, or you can prepare from any quant books.

8. Coordinate Geometry, Logarithms :- Log and coordinate geometry questions are very rare in SSC CGL, if these topics are new to you, go with the best books for quant.

Download Class 8, Class 9th and Class 10th NCERT books from these links now.

These are enough for quant i guess, if you need more notes and material then go with below books for maths section.

1. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (Arihant) by Rajesh Verma - This is good book for quant and more focused on SSC CGL pattern, quite a good and easy language for beginner. Good small book to read and to practice for Quant section.

2.Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma :- The most famous book after R.S.Aggrawal for Quant is Quantitative Aptitude by arun sharma. This book needs no intro i guess, get it now.

How to score more in Maths section in SSC CGL 2014?

One mantra that gonna work for you is Speed with accuracy, and if you want it, then you need to do three things; Practice, Practice and more practice. I am asking and giving more weight-age to practice because in SSC CGL, you have to answer 200 questions in 120 minutes, so (200/120) in less then 2 minutes you have answer 1 question and all you know that maths questions are quite time consuming.

So, for that i give more emphasis to practice. Even if you are good in some topics (i.e average) practice few problems on it, so when you get question on it, you won't get surprise and you can easily solve the questions.i have give you all the source and topics to study (as per syllabus), now you have to start the preparation as soon as possible. So, start it now. if you have any questions, you can ask me in the below comment box, feel free to ask me any query, thank you :)

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