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JEE Main Preparation in Just 40 Days - JEE Main Crack Course

Providing the tips and tricks to crack the JEE Main 2014 with help of Arihant's Just 40 Days books specially for the JEE Main aspirants. I am reviewing here the most easy way to crack JEE Main with Arihant publications Just in 40 days book collection for the JEE Main 2014.

I have got tons of comments and mail regarding the crash course of JEE Main 2014. As there are lots of students who are yet to start the preparation for the jee main and the exam are heading very strongly, just very few days are left for the prepartion. I am always confused what to answer such students as it is very late to start for the jee main and the huge amount of syllabus can feel nervous to any one, even bright students can get confused. So, what should one do to get cover full syllabus of jee main and to score maximum in exam with such less amount of time.

Then, i found Rajesh Sir, who is teacher by profession and teaching PCM subjects to students. And he suggested me to Arihant publications 40 days crash course for PCM which is specially designed for the JEE Main aspirants who have less time and have aim to score high. Again, this is by someone else, i haven't tried the arihant books but still you can take a look at this books.

What is Arihant Publication's JEE Main in Just 40 days course books?

JEE Main Preparation in Just 40 Days - JEE Main Crack Course
Well, it is bunch of 3 books, each for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The students who wish to crack the jee main in less time, can use this books for fast revision. Below is the link of all the 3 books of arihant publications, which is quite popular for jee main preparation.

1. JEE Main 2014 Chemistry in Just 40 Days - Buy it now.

Praveen Kumar has designed this book on behalf of arihant publication, which covers all the syllabus of jee main for chemistry subject with mock test series. Praveen kumar had wrote lots of books on many topics for students.

2. JEE Main Physics in Just 40 Days - Buy it now.

Saurabh A has designed this book for jee main aspirants for physics subject with 3 mock test series and last year jee main solved question paper.

3. JEE Main Mathematics in Just 40 Days - Buy it now.

Rajeev Manocha has designed this books to crack mathematics syllabus of jee main 2014 with covering all the topics and 3 mock test + jee main 2013 solved question paper.

Just go thorough the above link for each subject, and find the table of content of each subject. These books are very good designed. And as the name suggest, all books are divided in 40 days of study plan for jee main 2014. Each day new topic and new question answers, which is the best way to prepare for the jee main 2014, right?

After, finishing the course, you will get mock test which is even very good to test your self. Yes, there are 3 mock test for jee main exam. you can test yourself with this mock test with particular time limit and with testing of all the topics with different level of difficulty for each questions.

I think this is the only way to prepare for jee main is such a short period of time. just go through the above links, you will also find it much good to buy it. Lets have some FAQs regarding this post:-

Is it necessary to buy all the 3 books?

No, you can buy only books in which subject you feel you are weak or you want more preparation. The candidates with regular preparation can also try this books for revision purpose.

How to revise all the topics in one go (JEE Main) ?

As mentioned above, these books are designed such that you can use it for revision purpose too. with study plan of 40 days, you can crack this exam with these books.

Where is study tips for regular students who are preparing since long?

I have already posted the study plan for the jee main 2014, which is good enough for them :)

Where can i find the last year question paper with answer of jee main 2013?

Click here, fitjee (coaching institute of jee main) has published the question paper with solution of jee main 2013 on this link.

if you any any other question or query, feel free to ask me in the below comment box, or you can join my facebook group too, thank you :)

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  1. hello bhaiya!! i am right now in 11th grade and i am planning to give the exam in 2016.but i am having difficulty in makin time for studying. I hav joined a integrated college and the timings are from 8:00am to 5:45 pm.and we hav a mains test on saturday, advanced test on monday and CET test on sunday. I hardly get 4 hours to study and i am always rushin to complete portions. can u please tell me how much time to devote in a day for each subject?

  2. sir i got 95.6% in cbse borad and 106 in jje mains 2014 .........sir , can u tell me that can i get NIT college or not?????????
    and if yes which one is most


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