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How to Answer Bank Exam Interview Questions - Most Frequently Asked Questions in Bank Interview

Providing guide for how to answer the question asked in the interview for bank jobs like tell me about yourself and What are your strengths and weaknesses in bank exam interview. As you know, now a days, bank job interview are quite tough and high competitive too. The recent ibps clerk interview had 99,000 candidates out of 99k candidates, they are only going to select just 33,000 candidates.

So, only 1:3 candidates are getting selected in the bank job interviews, at least via IBPS, this is the scenario which i have mentioned above. In such case, you need to prepare well and not to make any single silly mistake in interview, because any single small mistake can cause you big result, you know what i mean to say.

How to Answer Bank Exam Interview Questions - Most Frequently Asked Questions in Bank Interview

 How to Answer Bank Exam Interview Questions - Most Frequently Asked Questions in Bank Interview
Here i am guiding you how to answer some of the common asked questions in bank interview. And what to answer and what to not for each question.

Q. Tell Me About Yourself - Most common Question in Interview

Not only in Banking interview, but also in other job interview, this might be the first question they will throw on you at the interview. So, to answer this question, you can start with your career history then career accomplishment, and in the last your next career move. This is what they are expecting from you to answer. They want to know about YOU, not about any other, so just speak about yourself only.

Don't answer with "well" or "actually" words, that will not make sense to him/her. Use "I" and always answer it with making eye contact with the interview. you can answer them like i answered a sample answer below, take a look.

“I am a Software engineer with 2 years of experience, which were in Android Application Developer at VIVID Services working on developing applications based on clients needs.

“Recently, i have developed an application for my client, named "XYZ app" which helps the users to know their current time zone and difference between other time zone. With in 2 months, application is downloaded 50,000+ times from Google play store that resulted in $1 million revenue for my client.

For the next step in my career, I would like to be with a larger organisation with more resources so that I can continue to drive business and grow sales for both the company and my customers in a wider variety of applications. Once I have proven myself and earned the right to get promoted, I would like to use my skills to lead and develop a sales team.

You can see in the above example, i have added all the 3 topics (career history, career accomplishment, and career move). This is less then 1 minute of speech, that you need to keep ready before interview only, with this one minute, you can make aware them about where you are in your CAREER.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses? - Most common Question in Interview

This is the 2nd most asked question in any job interview. You know why interviewer ask you this question? because this is one the question by which they can easily measure your past, your willingness towards the work and organisation.

This is quite tricky question, and you need to very careful to answer such questions. you should not clearly mention your weakness and strengths, speak like that so it look like that its added to your have to show your weakness in such a way that it look like your strength. For example, i feel low when i do don't get work on time or i don't justice my work like that. Show your strength which suits your personality. 

Never bluff about it, for example, you don't like to speak much, so your strength should be i am active listener. if you are slow in working then say i am perfectionist towards work, if you like traveling, they say i like to understand the human nature, local culture very quickly.

NOTE :- NEVER show your weakness as weakness and show your one the strength as your weakness. Your strength should be in tune with your personality.

Check the below mentioned example to answer such question in interview
 How to Answer Bank Exam Interview Questions - Most Frequently Asked Questions in Bank Interview

Q. Why you have backlogs in engineering?

This is also frequently asked question, mostly if you are from engineering education background. Most of the engineering students have backlogs in their course time. To answer such question, don't exaggerate yourself from interviewer, and keep make eye contact with him/her. And Smile little and answer;

Yes, i had backlogs in some semester which require more focus and study time then i was expected. I retook that backlog exams, spent some extra hours to study more about the subject(s) and i cleared the exam. This experience gave me good hands on how to better manage and focus on course.

Use last sentence only if you have only 1-2 backlogs, hope you understand ;)

I will add more questions as soon as i found more. you can also ask me questions that you want me to answer in below comment box. I have taken reference of Skip Freeman's blog, Sahar Kazemzadeh's blog and +Niraj Sadhu to answer this questions, thank you :)

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