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[Study Plan] AFCAT I 2014 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack AFCAT Exam

This post will provide you Study plan for AFCAT I 2014, Preparation Tips, Strategy to Crack AFCAT, Tips and Tricks from Toppers of AFCAT to get maximum marks in Examination.

[Study Plan] AFCAT I 2014 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack AFCAT Exam

[Study Plan] AFCAT 2014 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack AFCAT Exam
The AFCAT is actually, as all you know, the gateway (entrance) exam for those who want to join the Indian Army. First you have to appear in the AFCAT examination then SSB Interview. AFCAT is one of the toughest examinations of india and SSB Interview are even harder. You need to go with proper plan and strategy to crack this examination. This is not the simple examination that you just crack it in one day preparation, am i right?

So, here is detail plan, how to study for the examination and how to crack it with in 2 and half months for India's toughest entrance exam.

Understanding the Exam Pattern of AFCAT

In the AFCAT Exam, there will question asked on General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test. There will be 100 MCQs on above mentioned subject. For each correct answer you will be awarded 3 marks and minus one marks for each wrong answer. Total Time will be 120 Minutes (two hours). You all need to keep on mind the previous exams cut off marks, which quite volatile.

Study Material and Books

This examination is not for those who are not serious, if you are not serious stop preparing for the examination and find some other alternative for yourself. And if you are serious and want to do something for this nation then you must have proper resource to clear the exam.

Without books and study material, you can’t prepare well for any exam. And this is not ANY exam, this is AFCAT. You must have study material to use and to crack the AFCAT. On below link, I have already provided the list of best books to prepare for the afcat, you can take a look at all the available books and choose the best one with respect to your budget.

Subject wise Tips

General awareness is said to be one of the tough part for AFCAT, I recommended you to read this article where they have mentioned how to do proper study for GK.

For verbal English, this section is also play a trump card as it can be easy or it can be hard even. Get some good book to practice for this section. This section normally has questions on Comprehension, Error Detection, and Sentence   Completion, Synonyms (meanings of English words), Antonyms (opposite meanings of English words) and Vocabulary evaluation.

For Numerical Ability, R.s.Aggrawal is the best way to score 40/40 J Just practice more and more and you will be good in this section too. More practice means more marks that are the mantra to success in this section.

For Reasoning and Military Aptitude, focus on verbal skills and spatial ability. The book which have mentioned has all these section covered.

Time management

The biggest factor I have seen among the candidates who are going for any competitive exam is that they lack the time management. Guys, if you don’t follow proper time management or time table then you are leaving your precious amount of time or I can say you are wasting your time.

Yes, make chart for your daily schedule. Many of you are doing job or many of you may be in last year of college. In that case, you must find time after your daily work; use this extra time to study and preparation for AFCAT. Right now while I am writing this, you have only left 2.5 month ~ 76 days for preparation of exam. So, make plan according to this and FOLLOW it from very first day.

If you have mentioned in the plan that you will get 8 hours a day extra time for the exam preparation then you must have to follow this schedule and you must have to study 8 hours a day for this exam.  If you fail to follow it one day, then on the next day try to achieve goal of 8 hours/ day study. This is the only way you can clear afcat in one attempt, else you will find thousands of students who are keep on giving trail for the AFCAT and cannot able to clear it. This is the reason behind the failure.

REVISION and Practice

[Study Plan] AFCAT I 2014 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack AFCAT Exam
One you have completed one whole book after practicing, it’s time to clear the speed factor. I am assuming that you are quite clear with all the methods of solving the sums and now you can go for the revision. 

In revision, you need to start practicing new type of sums. Below I have provided you some previous AFCAT exams paper, try to solve it after completing the sums of books. 

Once you feel that you are getting correct answers, it is time to solve it in time limit. Yes, always keep in mind that you have only 120 minutes to solve 100 questions of different topics, so you must have command over such questions. And the reason I keep on telling you to practice as much as possible.

Time management in Exam Hall

Time Limit in the exam is one of the biggest factors for those who can answer all the questions correctly but because of time limit, they left many question UN-answered. You need to focus on speed and accuracy. First work on accuracy and then you will automatically find the speed.

You must start with the section which you have strong hand. If you are good in GK then start with it, no need to follow the exact follow of AFACT question paper. Keep your eye on your watch, if you are not used to wear hand watch, use it. Keep in mind the time limit of exam.

If you find question which is quite confusing or which require more time to solve it, don’t waste your time in solving it and move to the next question.

Negative Marking

Most of the students fail to understand this biggest factor and keep in try to answer the entire question paper. No, this is totally wrong; if you are not sure for the answer, just skip it, rather answering wrong option. Always keep in mind that in competitive exams, Negative marking play major role in ranking and cut off marks. So, one wrong answer and there are chances that you will be out of AFCAT. Only answer those questions for which you are 100% sure.

Why you need to follow this study plan?

As I mentioned above, this exam is quite toughest examination in India. One will argue that this examination has common subjects to study then what so tough in this exam?  Below are some factors that would like to tell you why one should have a study plan.

This exam is taken by UPSC for admission in Indian Army, so they will be strict as much as possible for selection.

  • The no of candidates who are appearing in the AFCAT are increasing day by day, almost 10-15% of increment are noticed every year.
  • Candidates who appearing in this exam are not taking it seriously and the reason the failure ratio is increasing, and SSB keep on increasing the difficulty level of examination.
  • Most of the candidates fail to understand the exam pattern of AFCAT.
  • Poor Time management .
So, the reason you need a study plan and proper strategy to crack this exam. Proper focused study will bring you proper management of available time and resource.

That’s it; I think these are enough tips to crack AFCAT 2014, right? If you have any question or query you are free to ask me in the below comment box, thank you :)

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  1. hello...this article is very helpful.
    i am a CS 3rd yr student and want to be a fighter pilot through am i eligible for this test...??

    1. Yes, you can go for AFCAT, but first complete CS eng :)

  2. sir what about the ssb interview,??what are the tests there?how to crack them?

    1. Dear, do check this url, where i have posted about SSB Interview.

  3. Hi Sir my name is Deepinder Singh , I have given the AFCAT/1 2014 exam but manage to score only 100 marks. Sir please help and suggest me about the best preparation material for this exam. The reason for my failure which I think is over attempt of the question.

    Sir please reply soon

    1. Deepinder, Good that you found the reason, now try to attempt more and more mock test for the AFCAT. Get good book for AFCAT from here and start preparation again.

  4. sir how to make strong in general awareness ground plz help......

  5. sir plz rply..i have myopia -2.0 .Am i eligible for ground branch officer?

  6. i hav not qualified afcat-1 2014....this time i want to do well sir,my preparation is also going,can you give some tips about how to attempt exam well??????

  7. Sir there is compulsory to clear in each section cut off or total cut off ?

    1. not at all.
      U have to clear all the section put together


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