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[Study Material] IBPS SO Finance & Chartered Accountants 2014

Providing Study material for the Finance & Chartered Accountants aspirants of IBPS Specialist officer CWE III 2014. Upon the reader's request, here i am providing the exam material for the preparation of IBPS Specialist officer's Finance & Chartered Accountants Post.

[Study Material] IBPS SO Finance & Chartered Accountants 2014

As per the Source, In IBPS Specialist officer CWE III, ibps will ask questions on following topics, take a look at the syllabus of Finance & Chartered Accountants exam (SCALE - 2).

Finance & Chartered Accountants Syllabus for IBPS Specialist Officer Exam 2014

1. Advanced Accounting
2. Auditing
3. Financial Management
4. Financial Statements
5. Financial Management in Public Sector Enterprises 
6. Bare Acts

[Study Material] IBPS SO Finance & Chartered Accountants 2014

So, these are the topics which can be asked in the IBPS SO exam for Finance & Chartered Accountants post apart from English Language, Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Quantitative Techniques. Questions on Finance and CA will be in last section of professional knowledge. so,here is the exam material for the Professional knowledge subject for finance and CA post.

1.  I.B.P.S 2014 Specialist Officers - Finance & Chartered Accountants (Scale-II) - Buy it now.

This book covers topics like Company accounts, cash and fund flow analysis, Auditing (audit planning), Classification of audit, internal control), ratio, break even analysis, leverage, long term finance, working capital management, BARE act (Company Act, 1956, The Indian Partnership Act, 1932, Consumer Protection Act, Central Sales Tax Act, Agency, Gratuity Payment Act, Industrial Dispute Act, The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965)

2. Advanced Accounting :- For Advance Accounting, i would suggest you to read from wikipedia about   Company Accounts and Cash and Fund Flow Analysis.

3. Auditing - for Auditing, you can read this pdf file which is provided by Mumbai university accounting department. Download from here.

4. Financial Management :- For Financial Management, do read this book's introduction part of financial management topics which is prepared by C.Paramasivan (Periyar university, tamil nadu).

5. Financial Statements - For financial statement, do read this pdf by USDA department, it is covering all topics of IBPS SO.

6. Financial Management in Public Sector Enterprises :- Read and learn about Financial Management in Public Sector Enterprises from this PDF file. Or you can read this file too.

7. BARE Act :- Bare Act's like company act, The Indian Partnership Act and all other acts you can read from this link, where Ajay Gautam has posted links of all the acts you need to read.

8. Case Study on Auditing:- To read such case study, do read this case study by ndtv for 2G Spectrum Scam. Which reflect Government's Audit department.

These are the study material files to read and learn fro the exam of Finance & Chartered Accountants for IBPS Specialist officer. if you need anything else regarding ibps exam, do let me know via below comment box.
if you have any query or question regarding this post, feel free to ask me in the comment below, Thank you and all the best :)

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  1. can i get some kind of example questions asked in IBPS SPL Chartered accountant post like any past examination book..

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