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How to Study for GATE Exam from 1st year of Engineering - [Study Plan] for GATE Aspirants

Are you are trying hard to get admission in IIT? Want to get admission in the IIT via GATE? Want to get job in PSUs just after GATE? Then this post will help you out for making your preparation plan, study plan for GATE aspirants who are in 1st year of engineering.

How to Study for GATE Exam from 1st year of Engineering

 How to Study for GATE Exam from 1st year of Engineering
I am writing this as I have got tons of mails, blog comments, facebook messages about study plan for GATE Exam.  For example, “Hi, sir I am in first year of Engineering, how should I start preparation from now to get high marks in GATE”.  How to answer such questions? One can just easily write that just concentrate on engineering first, GATE (Graduate aptitude Test in Engineering) is after final year of engineering. If were expecting such answer from me, then you are wrong.

So, what should be the answer? First of all, lets analyze the above example answer at lest. Is it good to start preparation for GATE from the first year of engineering?

Well, I think yes. IIT is not that much easy as you think. I have seen many students who just spend their entire one year (~ 12 months) for the preparation of GATE exam after completion of engineering. But, that comment also has point, if one just starts focusing on the GATE preparation then what about engineering. Engineering also toughest job, at least not easy for sure.

You have to take care of hard engineering subjects, assignments, projects, internal exams, final exams and many more college events. You can prove me wrong at any point in below comment box. Also, we Indians have to face many festivals (even if we are interested or not interested), we have to attend it.  If one can escaped from festival by being anti-social, then social networks are there to fetch all your attention, right?

Then what should be the middle way to prepare for GATE? Taki engineering or GATE dono ko bura na lage? A good plan implemented today is better than a perfect plan implemented tomorrow.

The Best solution is to have Study Plan, Let’s have a study plan which will take care of GATE and engineering exam too. Plan is much needed because Plans are insurance for future disappointments. But before I go to the plan, let me tell you that if you are not going to apply and stick to it, please do not read any more.

You have to be aggressive and even more aggressive to achieve your targets. If you were among the students, who just day dream about IIT and not going do efforts to achieve it, then this plan is not for you. This plan is for the students who really want to get admission in IITs via GATE or want PSUs job via GATE.

Get eligible for GATE Exam first

First of all, when you are reading this, write down, in which semester you are. I am assuming that after entering in to the 2nd semester, most of the students get the idea about the GATE exam. So, from the 2nd semester, your goal should be to pass each and every semester exam, internal exams and to prepare for the final exam. (i.e you are targeting GATE 2016 or GATE 2017).

It is important to have such plan as we can’t ignore the semester exams too, as I mentioned earlier. One cannot just go for GATE with ignoring the engineering, if you are not going to pass the engineering exams, no one will give you chance to apply for the GATE exams. Also, mind the eligibility criteria of GATE; you must have 60% up marks in engineering to get apply for the gate.

Syllabus of GATE Exam

By mean of understanding GATE exam, I am pointing here the basic things of GATE. Before dreaming about the GATE exam, have a look at the recent gate exams syllabus. With due respect your engineering branch, you will find the syllabus of gate exam. The syllabus of GATE is nothing but the summation of all subjects of engineering. Yes, in GATE exam you will get questions on topics which you have study in four year of engineering.

So, now you get the syllabus for your dream exam, what next? How to prepare for this long syllabus? Getting such question in your head is natural. To prepare well, you have to face the reality, the problems you will find while preparing for the exams.

Possible hurdles you will face in GATE Exam Preparation
  • Lack of proper resource
  • Study guide
  • Lack of concentration
  • Time management
  • Engineering exams
These are the possible hurdles you have to face while you are going for the preparation. And my study plan is more over providing solution to these problems. Let’s have solution for the each of the problems I have mentioned above;

Lack of Proper resource: - By resource I mean to say Books, study material for each subject. For any exam preparation, you must have proper books and study material (notes etc) to prepare well. But I don’t recommend you to buy books from very 1st year or 2nd year of engineering for exam. You can get books from your senior or from the college library.  These books are just for the initial guide you need to have for the exam. Right now you don’t have to read those gate books. Below is the Branch wise list of Top 5 Books for GATE Exam.
Study Plan:- After reading these books (by just having reference) you will get idea about the exam syllabus, if you want more, you can take a look at this branch wise past GATE exam papers. After reading the introduction of books, now you are having proper idea about the difficulty level, type of questions asked in GATE Exam. Now what you have to do is, just start preparation for engineering exam.

As soon as you read the syllabus of exam, you will find that such subjects are coming in your engineering exams only. You have to start preparing for your internal exam, then final exam for the current semester and this way, ultimately you are preparing for the GATE Exam.

Study Guide: - You will need guide at certain level of preparation. Like for problem solving, or for the doubt solving of the particular subject. At that point of time, you can ask your queries on below comment box, or you can ask your college teachers. Teachers are always there for you to guide you, for doubt solving and for future guide. No need to go for coaching classes from very first year, if you want coaching then you can join at final year.

Study Plan:-  Coming back to study plan, as of now, you are preparing good for the engineering and for GATE. Whatever you doing, ultimately you are learning now. So, going by this way, you are going to score good in your semester exam too. so, when you done your engineering, you will have good knowledge about each topic which will help you in exams.

[Study Plan] for GATE Aspirants – How to Study from 1st year of Engineering
Lack of Concentration :- To Avoid the concentration problem, I will recommended you to read good books apart from the engineering exam. Try to involve yourself to outer world, sports and game are good thing to track back your concentration. But don’t get addicted to it.

Case study :- I have found many mails regarding such problem, “Sir, I am not able to remember anything. Once I read the page, as soon as I change the page, it’s all blank in my mind. I am not able to score good in the exams and in tests.“

For such problems, you have to try making notes. Whatever topic you are reading, try to write it on paper, not all the content, but important content or important topics. No doubt, GATE exams are online, but to remember such hard engineering topics, you need to write it on paper and start preparing yourself. Writing once is equal to 10 times reading. So, you can write and remember topics.

Time Management: - Time management is the most difficult thing to manage for candidates, for any competitive exams.  Don’t use facebook, whatsapp, twitter, I know its always hard to press logout button, but you have to do it. To fulfill your IIT Dream you have to avoid such attraction. Plan your time left after college, make time table for study and for such attractions.

Don’t hangout each and every day with friends, study first and then friends. I am not saying to avoid them, just give proper amount, equal amount of time for each and everything. Friends are also important so does your career.

Engineering exam: - Indian engineering students have to pass from various exams, like unit tests, internal exams, external exams and so on. These are not so big issues, until last year of engineering. Because from first year, we are already preparing for GATE side by side, right? So, in such case, just give your 100% focus on your engineering exam. At lest, you have to score as much marks as for GATE eligibility.
There are students (many, including me) who failed in semester exams. At such time, don’t get depressed, start preparation again for remedial exam, and again follow the plan. You can make it, have faith in yourself, and believe in yourself.

That’s enough I guess, right? If you want any more tips or if you have any question or query, you can comment below. This is actually not the study plan but study guide for GATE aspirants. To the reference, Dhimant patel and Nirav Suthar (both are engineering students) have contributed to creating this study plan. I am thanking both of them.

You can also join our facebook group for recent updates on GATE Exams, including study material, books and official notification of GATE Exams.

If any point of time, you find any problem while preparation, you can always comment back on any page of this blog, I promise to answer them all, for sure, all the best and Thank you :)

Vicky Sadhu

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  1. hello sir..i am a mechanical engg(1st year) i need to concentrate my engg subjects other than mechanics with same intensity?????
    plzz rply....

    1. On all subjects of engineering, 1st semester to last semester!

  2. hello sir!! i'am a mech engg student presently in 2 yr...can you plz list out da important subjects i mean subjects with more weightage in gate xam...and books dat can be followed fr good concepts??

    1. Yedla, need to find the important topics, but you can take a look at <a href='>books for mech here</a>. :)

  3. sir i scored in 1st sem just 59.3% but 2,3,4th sem i score 75% can i apply gate exam? because as u say we need 60% so pleae tell me

    1. That's aggregate buddy, overall should be 60% :) Do, well in upcoming semesters :)

  4. sir i am in first year second sem CSE... can i join any aptitude coaching centre for preparing GATE as well as other compitative exams in my second year of B.E?

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  7. and sir plzz reply too......

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  10. sir, is necessary to take gate coaching? is self study not enough if one tries that hard?

  11. Sir, I will be taking admission in B.Tech(first sem) in C.S branch after 15 days. What should be my plan to start preparing for GATE exam from the first day ? Should I join any online/offline coaching for it?

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  13. DEAR SIR, I am pursuing B.TECH of branch MECHATRONICS. I am in 2nd year right now. I want to study further for MECHATRONICS as in M.TECH too. I really need to know about syllabus for GATE branch MECHATRONICS and reference book for it. As you know this is future branch of every college in India.

    Thank You :)


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