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[Study Material] UPTET 2014 - Preparation Tips for UPTET 2014

This post will provide you study material, Books and Preparation Tips for UPTET 2014. As you all know the Exam Date for the UPTET is released and its going to be conducted on 11th and 12th January, 2014. So, here i am giving you best Books and Study material to prepare for the UPTET 2014, have look.

Best Books for UPTET 2014

[Study Material] UPTET 2014 - Preparation Tips for UPTET 2014
There are tons of books available to read and prepare for the UPTET, but not all have the perfect content and covering all the topics that can be asked in the examination. so, here is my recommendation for the preparation books UPTET Exam.

1. Uttar Pradesh Shikshak Patrata Pariksha Paper - 1 (Class 1 - 5)  - Click here to buy it now.

This books has total of 5 Part. On the first part, they have covered Baal vikas, in 2nd part hindi language questions, 3rd part is of English language, 4th Part have questions on Maths and 5th part is of environment analysis. This is the perfect book for the Part 1 paper of UPTET. This book has just price of Rs.186 and available in Hindi Language.

2. Uttar Pradesh Shikshak Patrata Pariksha Samajik Adhyayan Shikshak Ke Liye Paper - 2 (Class 6 - 8) - Click here to buy it now.

The Arihant publication book with 4 part for Paper 2 of UPTET. On the first part they have covered Child Development and Pedagogy, 2nd part of Hindi Language, 3rd Part contains English language and 4th part have Social Analysis. Click here to buy it now.

3. UPTET (PaperI) Class IV - Click here to buy it now.

This book has all Solved Question-Paper, November 2011, topics like Child Development and Pedagogy, Language Hindi, Language English,Mathematics, Environmental Studies and mock test papers to practice more.

4. 15 Practice Sets for Samajik Adhyayan Shikshak Ke Liye (For Social Studies Teacher)

5. 15 Practice Sets for Ganit Evam Vigyan Shikshak Ke Liye (For Maths and Science Teacher )

6. 15 Practice Sets for (Kaksha 1 - 5) Shikshak Ke Liye (For class 1-5th teacher)

The above 15 Practice Sets are most beneficial to get speed and accuracy to solve the questions on social studies, Maths, Science and Class 1-5th Teacher. These books are highly recommended and very good to use in case to get maximum score in the UPTET Exam.

Preparation Tips for UPTET 2014

Here is some the best preparation tips for UPTET Examination for the candidates who are going for the UPTET. You can have these tips and apply to it, i am sure it will help you to get maximum score in UPTET Examination.
  • Time Management :- You have must have Time table to prepare well for the exam. Set the time limit for preparation of each topic. Topic wise divide the time in equal slots And Just Start the preparation.
  • Give Preference to your favorite topic first, Read it, Understand it and move on.
  • Make notes of important topics related to Exam and the topics that you need to revise again.
  • Practice is the Key, Keep practicing with lots of and lots of questions daily. Forget or don't feel down if you get wrong answers in starting.
  • Study Material, Grab all the study material you can, even buy the above books as much as you need to prepare well.
  • Keep in mind the thing that you have just 2.30 hrs to answer all possible question in Examination, so prepare like that only, so you get more comfortable in Exam hall.
I think that's enough for UPTET, Right guys! if you have any problem, Question(s) or Query, do comment below, i promise to answer them all, Thank you! :) 

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