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Top 5 Best Mathematics Subject eBooks for IIT JEE MAIN 2014

This post have List of   Top 5 Best Mathematics Subject eBooks for IIT JEE MAIN 2014. These eBooks have covered almost all the important topics for the Maths Syllabus of JEE Main Exam. You can check the below recommended Maths eBooks to get high score in JEE Main and the JEE Advance Entrance Exam.

I have already provide you Study plan and eBooks for Chemistry, Physics and now Maths for JEE Main Preparation 2014.

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) 2014 will be conducted in various centers of India. The exam is conducted by CBSE board every year. This entrance test is taken to get admission in IITs and NEETs or reputed institutes and universities. 

 Students who are going to appear for the next year JEE main exam have started preparing for exam. However, the question arises which books are best ones for preparation? Here we will discuss about top 5 eBooks for JEE main mathematics.

Top 5 Best Mathematics Subject eBooks for IIT JEE MAIN 2014

Top 5 Best Mathematics Subject eBooks for IIT JEE MAIN 2014
  • ‘Complete Mathematics for JEE Main 2014 1st Edition’, Author: MHE.
  • ‘Objective Approach to Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced and Other Engineering Entrances (Set of 2 Volumes)’, Author: Amit M. Agarwal.
  • ‘Integral Calculus for JEE Main and Advanced 2nd Edition (Paperback)’, Author: Vinay Kumar.
  • ‘A Practice Book of Mathematics: JEE Main and Advanced’, Author: SK goyal.
  • ‘JEE Main 2014: Mathematics 1st Edition’, Author: R. K. Tyagi.

The books mentioned above are the ones which previous year students recommend for preparation of JEE main mathematics 2014. Books are prepared in such a way that students can understand each topic easily. There is an in-depth explanation of each topic. The students appeared for past few years JEE main examination also suggest these books and find it comfortable for preparation.

Why not take advantage of such an amazing study material? Find the appropriate from these books and start learning. The teachers who provide coaching for JEE also refer these books for teaching students. Of course, it is endorsed by everyone who have experienced JEE main exam patterns and given examination as well. 

Finding such complete solution for preparation of JEE main 2014 mathematics. Start learning in advance and score well in exam to get admission in top universities. 

Note :- As some of the students complained, eBooks Buy now links updated.

Do Let me know your query and questions regarding JEE Main on below mentioned comment box. We wish you all the best for exam!

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  1. hello sir, this is Puja ,I recently arrived into India, I have done my 12th from the EDEXEL BOARD, I have planned to pursue my further studies from india . I have submitted for jee main 2014, I am really scared, as I have seen the jee books and question papers, they look really tough, and am from a different board, these looks really tough, and am only left 3 months to prepare, everything seems new for me , I really want to crack it,but need your help and motivational support..

  2. Puja, yes i am here for you. Have you saw my study plan for jee main 2014? have look. i have given perfect plan to study. yes defiantly you have very less time. But you only have to deal with JEE Main as you have done 12th, so i would suggest you to join any crack course from coaching institute or if you are bright student (assuming as you haven't put details of 12th marks) you can take self study with good short time cracking books. i can suggest you some books if you want, reply back :)

    1. sir, my grades for A-LEVELS ARE AS, MATHS- A, CHEMISTRY-B, PHYSC- C . but I find the syllabus very different, am trying my best.i have some books already, that I am planning to study. I just want to know the best the coaching centre that I can join in Ahmedabad for 2 months??
      thank you..

    2. Puja, i have given you link above for the coaching institute,also take a look at this arihant book series just for 40 days. These books are recommended by many for short time preparation.

  3. hello sir, I'm a student of class 11th studying in Jaipur (CBSE board) .I have PCM with economics as my optional subject. I feel I have a very creative mind and thats the reason why i want to get into Architecture.But I'm little confused in WHAT ACTUALLY IS THE JOB OF AN ARCHITECT AND AN INTERIOR DESIGNER ?
    I will be really grateful to you if you answer this for me

    1. Dear, in the field of architecture, you will find two option, building construction and interior design. in building construction you have to design buildings, apartments, house as per client's need. where in interior design you have to design already built house interior with pictures, wall, paints etc. This is just introduction, if you are creative enough to design and decorate rooms, go for interior design else you can go for building construction. :)

  4. Hello Sir,
    I’m currently in my 12th.. i’ve got my pre boards going on at the moment.. Boards starts from March 1st.
    I’m scoring decent marks in my pre boards.. around 60%, as i have not even taken my pre boards seriously. My main focus is to score anywhere above 90% in my board exams.
    my main worry at present is about getting into a nice engineering college. I was aiming at IIT at first but now, i have totally lost hope. The thing is that i have not even started preparing for my entrance exams.. :( so even if i start at the earliest, do u think that i’ll at least be able to make it to the NIT’s..?? I’m writing JEE mains on April 19th. Could u pls give me some tips on how to score well?
    what would be considered as a good score in the Mains and the boards to get into any of the NIT’s?

    i badly want to score above 200 in my mains.. but then every time i look at d study material, i start panicking.. :(
    i even used to attend T.I.M.E coaching but then due to my bad performance in my mid terms, my teachers told me to drop out from it and since then, i just it. never ever looked at those study material books again.

    i dont mind working hard, cuz now, thats my only option.. i just feel so bad thinking abt which college i'll end up in n job placements and all that.. Do you think that i'll be able to get through IIT Mains?

    please give some tips sir :(

    1. Venkatesh, you can go with the JEE Main in 40 day series, that the only option left now if you want to go for self study. And that is not bad at all, i have seen many students get good score with such preparation. don't loose your hope, start prepare from now only. you seems quick learner, start preparation now, you will defiantly crack jee mains for sure :)

  5. is RD sharma a good option for jee mains preparation ? how about RS aggarwal ?

    1. RD sharama is good, RS Aggrawalwon't work for JEE Main.

  6. sir can you suggest me the best book that I can opt for preparing physics for jee main. I want to score well and its only 6 months left for jee main 2015. I am a bit confused please help me .
    and ....is rd sharma objective mathematics good for preparing maths for mains.
    please sir help.


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