Friday, October 4, 2013

Tips For Repeaters to Crack GATE Exam

This post will give you tips and tricks to crack the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering [GATE] for the Repeaters, who are already appear in the GATE exam and failed to crack it.

Tips For Repeaters to Crack GATE Exam

I motivated to post about this as there are some visitors who are felt down when they ask for help in comment section. They having lack of confidence and they lack some guidance. So, here i am posting some of the tips for the repeaters for GATE exam.

Tips For Repeaters to Crack the GATE Entrance Exam

1. Find The Mistake :- Yes, the first step is that you have to find the mistake. Why you got failed? Failure is not the problem, escaping from problem is. What are the possible reasons for failing in GATE?

  • Did you not prepared well?
  • Study plan didn't work?
  • You didn't have study materials?
  • Didn't Find Proper Time to prepare for GATE?
  • Personal Problems?
What exactly happen last time? Find the mistake and move to the next step.

Tips For Repeaters to Crack GATE Exam

2. Correct it :- As from the above step, you must have find the mistake. What wrong happen last year,right? so, these time just do not repeat it. See, there is nothing new study plan for repeaters. The thing happens with repeaters is the lack of confidence to correct their mistake, to accept their mistake.

You have done that, right? :) Then, just correct the mistake with best possibilities. Make a fresh plan, move on to the next step.

3. Follow the Study Plan :- I have already shared the Study plan to Crack GATE Exam. You just need to follow it correctly. Many students will argue that we had same study plan but the study plan didn't worked. In such case, find the mistake, why the plan didn't worked? There must be reason for that.

Just find it and with out much thinking, start the preparation. The plan always succeed, only if you follow it.

4. Kick hard to all distractions :- That's happen with me too, when ever i want to do something new, i find lots of distraction that do not allow me to focus on the study. Distraction can be anything like friends, groups, Facebook, twitter, boy friend or girl friend, mobile phones, whatsapp and etc etc.

This is the time to focus on your career, just focus for GATE, nothing else. i am not saying that completely avoid it, just spare few time for it. And all major time should be devoted to GATE preparation, Only.

5. Think Positive and Positive things will happen :- Be confident, always think that you can do it this time, for sure. Nothing can came between you and GATE exam. Stop looking back, its past that what chapped. Just move on and give a new start.

Trust yourself with full of confidence that you are the one who can crack gate exam, your dream. Read some good stories that motivate, even you can spare 3 hour a week to watch a good positive movie.

6. Do not believe the MYTHS :- There are lots people who will say you bad and good things, while many more you will find who only speak myths. Do not believe at all, they are simply meant to demoralize you. Stay focused on your plan.

Always Remember, We shall overcome Someday :) things will be never be in your favor, its you who have to adjust with the situation. 

If you need, then you can talk to me, we both together can make a plan for you. Because at any cost, this time we have crack GATE Exam. I have provided almost all materials, plan and tips to crack GATE Exam. What are you waiting for now? At the time i am writing this, almost 90 days left for GATE Examination. Start now. :)

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  1. Sir you are definitely doing a wonderful job for all aspirants........!!.......Salute _/\_

    1. Rohit dang, Thanks a lot :)

  2. Hello brother,

    I am taking gate exams for the first time.I started my preparation last 2 days back, i know i am very late and lagging but something in me tells me that i can do it. I am an average student from a middle class family and i want to get into a good a PSU also i have the reserved category option as SC but i dont know why am not getting that push or rush in me or the energy in me to complete the day to day schedule that i have planned for the gate.Please give me good feedback on whether i am in the right path or not.Also i am finding it little difficult to understand the fundamentals as i am a 2010 passout wat do you suggest i must do.

    1. Dear, You just need a good Study plan, Just go through it and get back to me if you need any other help :)


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