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Things to Keep in Mind while Preparing for GATE Exam - FAQs Related to GATE Preparation

This post will give you some of the Study tips for GATE Preparation while studying about chapters. This is on special request of our visitor, who asked me following FAQs in Comment, i think it will help other students so posted here in detail.
Things to Keep in Mind while Preparing for GATE Exam - FAQs Related to GATE Preparation

There are lots of students are going to appear for this year GATE exam, and there are lots of benefits for going through GATE exam as its a entrance to your dream institute IIT. so, what are you waiting for? Keep prepare and follow some of the below tips.

1) What should be plan for study for topics? Either we go deeply with subject or skip the unimportant topic hop to next?

Well, First of all make sure how much time left to study and the time left for the GATE Exam. For suppose right now, while i am writing this, its 3rd Oct and GATE exam is in February, so almost 5 months of time left for the exam.

Meanwhile, you have to give time for Festivals like Navratri, Diwali, New year, Christmas, Makarsankranti [Uttrayan] and other 5-6 days for family occasions. So, you have almost going to waste your 15 days behind this thing. So, you have 4 months in hand.

In This time, you have to analyze your self, with the knowledge about the subject you have. So, assuming that you have average knowledge about the subject. I am also assuming that you are appearing for GATE after 1-2 year of break after Engineering. So, you have must have some knowledge about the Last 2 years of subjects that you have study in Engineering.

So, you have almost 25% syllabus are reduced. Go through the Exam syllabus of GATE for your stream and note down the topics in which you are Very Good, Good and Average. Assuming that you have little knowledge for all topics.

So, For topics in which you are "Very Good", you can skip or read highlights of that topics and make note of the things which makes you feel that "it can be important for exam. For the topics in which you are "Good" and "Average", you can go deeply for these topics and make full notes [keep time management in your mind] and study chapter by chapter.

Of course, you have to skip the topics which are not in syllabus of GATE examination. Also keep revision in mind, you have revise the chapter, topics that you have studied.

2) What minimum time period we should devote for study [Daily]?

Before answering this question, i wanted to know what you are doing right now, i mean full time study [last year of engineering], Full time Job or just preparing for GATE. Because there are lots of students which can be categorized in this.

if you are last year student then you have to give time for your study, as its most important year of your engineering. Still after 6 hour of collage [average], 2 hour for other things and 8 hour of sleep you have 8 hour left for study.

In this 8 hour, you may have to give time for study for engineering and then GATE. So minimum 4 hour of GATE preparation is must needed.

if you are doing full time job, then 10 hour for job, 8 hour of sleep and 2 hour for other things, you have to study minimum 4 hour for GATE regularly.

And if you are just preparing for GATE only, then give maximum time to study as you can, according to Study plan.

3) Suppose we have completed one subject thoroughly and jumping to next, what are the key points we should note or how to revise fast at that time of GATE examination?

Go through each topics of your subject, and as mentioned above you can filter the topics by Very good, Good and Average. And study according to that only.

Note down the main topics of the subject, use highlighter for the words and sentence that make you feel of important for exam.

FAQs Related to GATE Preparation

Use pencil and note down the definition of the word, that you do not know or feel its important. Always make notes while study as writing once is equal to 10 time of reading.

If you are reading for 2 hour then after reading the topic, read the notes and make small visit for the topics you are going to read next. That will make you good understanding for the next topic and also it will give you preparation for per-requisites for the topic.

4) what are things we should note while going through chapters?

There are many things that you can note down while going trough topics. For example, i am studying any programming subject [as i am IT student] i will note down the keywords, operators, benefits and implementation code with definitions of each keyword.

Also, the basic guide to run and compile the code, common errors and basic programming tactics like using semicolon, or how to display message via this language [almost all programming language have different code to display message]. These are the small things can be note down while studying subjects.

For other streams, there are also have some of the thumb rules, key notes which must be noted down while study the topic.

If you have any such question in mind, then you can also ask me via comment section below. i promise to answer them all, Thank you! :)

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  1. hi vicky sir,
    this is saurabh kumar.first of all accept my heartiest thanks for providing such an informative and balance blog.your work can not be explained in words! i am working in wipro technology as a project engg. but i did my in electrical engg. sir, i m very much anxious abt gate 2014 becoz time left for exam is very less.and i want to quit this it sector so plz give me some precious suggestion otherwise ur post is ok..........
    thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart

    1. Dear,

      Thank you so much for such kind words. i wish if you had provided your name and details. Anyways i want to say that we are on the same league. i mean i also doing non programming work after studying programming.

      Well, i would suggest you to make a plan for GATE. With due respect to time left and the topics to study. You may need 1-2 days for making such great plan. As a project engineer, you must know how important is to make a plan. Am i right?

      Go through above mentioned "Also Read" links, where i have posted the Study plan and much more study material for the GATE can also take a look at the Top 5 eBooks for Electrical Engineering GATE 2014.

      For Time duration, as we are Indian we have to celebrate lots of festivals and you are also doing job. That's kinda difficult for you to devote time to study [Reference to above 2nd No Question] you can make a plan for study time from your daily routine. Defiantly, it won't be easy for you.

      But remember one thing, "if you want something that you never had, you have to do something you never did". All the best for your preparation and if you need any other help, you can shoot me reply anytime! :)

    2. Hi Vicky sir,

      I am Jitendra, My condition is also same as saurabh kumar that he had before 1 year.
      I am also working in Wipro Ltd and working as Soft. Engr.
      My target is Gate 2015 , I am 2012 passed out.
      for the Gate I joined one institute and I am attending weekend classes.
      While attending the classes what I have figured out is most of the topics I am good at it, even after 2 years of Gap.
      even some topics which I forgot, just attending the class reminds me everything that I studied. I did my B.E.(I.T.) from a Top college in MP where I studied everything in the syllabus, that I consider as a +ve point here for Gate preparation.

      What I want as your suggestion is, since I studied most of the topics in my UG and still I remember those things what I should focus on, so that I can go in deep study.

      My target is among the top 4 IITs , otherwise it will be of no use, for going PG.
      because as I have already done UG from the top college going for PG from NIT won't be more beneficial as I am working in MNC.

      And also considering all the other factors, this is going to be my last attempt for PG , post that I won't be able to prepare for the same.

      My daily routines includes: 12 hours busy for the job(include up-down timings).

      Please advise the track that I should follow, which suites best for me to crack the Gate.

      considering the previous year gate score track, I need to be among the top 200-250 ranks to achieve my goal.

      any advice will be appreciable


  2. sir ,i want to buy gate tutor 2014 by arihant publication, will it be ok to focus on this and solving previous year questions
    saurabh kumar

    1. Saurabh,

      Definatly God is Great, but god only help those who help them self. Work Hard, we have no other option,Right?

      GATE Tutor by Arihant Publication is good book. you can go with it. no issue with that :)

  3. hello sir,
    I am a third year civil engineering student and i am very much interested in appearing for gate. I am not able to figure out that how should i take out time for gate preparation as a large chunk of my time goes for college and semester exams preparation.My college schedule is 9-6 and after that i am not able to concentrate on any other thing apart from my class studies. Please comment if you can give me some sort of guidance on this.

    1. Dear,

      First of all,as you said you are "interested in appearing for gate".so, have you applied for GATE or not? as last date of applying for GATE is already gone.

      Let me assume that you have applied for the Exam, as you have mentioned you have 9-6 collage, then you can study on night for atlest 3-4 hour. I know its kinda difficult as after whole day of tiredness going to kill you but hard things won't come easily. you have to work hard. On holidays, you can study for almost 18 hours. Give time to GATE. Give a try atlest :)

      Try to study 1 hour day and then next week increase it to 2 hour a day then 3-4-5-6 and so on. It will help you. Make a study plan, it will work for sure :)

      All the best :)

    2. Thank u vicky sir for giving better guidence a i was facing the same problem being a civil engg student
      thnk u sir

    3. Gajender, Thanks for such kind words, Keep visiting us :)

  4. Hello sir,
    this is likhitha. i hav started preparation a month ago. but, unfortunately due to a family occasion .I hav been distracted and couldn't go back to study again. since then. again iam trying to get back to my studies in a better way .. a few comments of your's gave a lot of spirit.. i hav college hours from 8.00am to 6.30 pm. after that i feel sleepy.please give me some suggestions, spirit.

    1. Likhitha, Why you are getting distracted? find the reason first. You HAD family occasion, now you don't have any right? then make study plan according to time left and topics to study, and Start preparation again with full force.

  5. sir ,
    i am pursuing my in EC branch, and pesently in 2nd year, can u give me some guidance to prepare for gate along with my syllabus

    1. Dear, Soon i am going to post Study plan for GATE 2015, Stay tuned :)

  6. Hello sir,
    This is praveen. I had completed my mechanical engineering in 2013. I started for preparing of gate 2014 from first week of November. I'm studying in full time for gate. Is it possible to complete the syllabus before January??? Please give me some study tips.

    1. Praveen, Yes, you can complete it if you go with better Study plan for GATE.

  7. Hai sir,
    I m Parvathy,In october i left job to study gate2014..but i m in a slower pace.finished only 2 sub...ECE is ma stream .what strategy shud i adopt to finish portions asap and get qualified for NITS n IITS..i completed ma BE in 2013.will you give propr guidance,last time i wrote gate got 412 much score is needed minimum for gate2014 ECE paper to gt in IIT n nit ??Please give reply..

    1. Parvathy, Read Study plan for GATE 2014, i think it will help you out. Increase your speed, you left job to study, then now give your 100% to it. For minimum marks, check this link.

  8. Hellow sir,

    I am manasa, studying civil engineering 3rd year, i've not applied for GATE 2014 but i'm intrested to prepare for GATE suggest me that how i should give time for GATE preparation , as most of my time is spent in college and studying for semister exams!.Is preparation for GATE2014 by G.K publications good..

    1. Manasa, you can take a look at this url for study plan for GATE 2015. Yes, GK publication is also good.

  9. hello sir,
    my name is priyanka.
    i m in 3rd year cse.
    I would like to plan my gate preparation from now onwards. It is better to start early, isn't it? my college hours are from 8-3 and my friends are joining gate coaching classes. I feel sleepy in coaching classes. So i want to prepare for it, at home only. I want to score gud marks and get admission to IITs. Can you help me to schedule my study hours? how much hours should i need to give, as i am starting it earlier.

    1. Priyanka, yes you can start from now only and it is not necessary to go coaching classes for GATE. You can read this study plan for collage + GATE aspirants, you will find answer of your each and every question. Also find the best book for CSE from this link and start the preparation now :)

  10. hello sir
    this is Surendra Choudhary pursuing in (4th yr) at jodhpur in electrical branch.

    sir i can't follow for long time the study plan...plzz sir help me....

    sir main problem of my is that
    my 4th yr and gate prepation together.... some idea for me study plan for gate 2015


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