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[Study Plan] Crack GRE in 60 Days- MS in USA

This post will provide you Study Plan to Crack the GRE in just 60 Days with step by step study plan, study material, eBooks and easy cracking tips for GRE. There are lots of Indian students nowadays looking forward for the Study Abroad to USA. So, here is, on request the best Study Plan to Crack GRE in Just 60 days.

The craze for study in abroad has been come so wide that now every students are planning to study abroad, especially after Bachelor degree. Doing master in Abroad has so many advantages as well as disadvantages too. I already mentioned about the scholarship and Education Loan issue in GRE or GATE post. If you get good marks in GRE then no one can stop you to go Abroad. And to get good marks in GRE, you need to Crack it with lots of practice and the best study plan. So, here the best Study Plan to get cracked the GRE in just 60 days.
[Study Plan] Crack GRE in 60 Days- MS in USA

Understand the GRE Exam Pattern

Students planning to pursue Masters of Science, commonly known as MS, take the GRE. In GRE Examination, there are two sections, Verbal and Quantitative and each section is a Stage to clear. In Routing Stage (stage 1), candidates will be routed to one of the several alternative second stage tests. This section will have fixed set of questions and with different level of difficulty. For Example, If you get high score in Section 1, your entire set of questions in Section 2 will be under Difficult (or very difficult) category. This makes the New GRE difficult to crack.

The computer-based General Test is composed of 3 sections:
  • Verbal Reasoning (English)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Math)
  • Analytical Writing sections (Essays)
The Test Pattern and Syllabus are already available on the official website of GRE. you can check there get the syllabus now.

You can appear unlimited times a year for GRE  with a gap of a minimum of 31 calendar days between 2 tests. More FAQs related to GRE will be uploaded soon.

GRE eBooks and Study Material

Those who have joined the Coaching Classes for GRE, can have eBooks and all other study material for GRE but there are lots of candidates who either do not join coaching or need much more exam material. So, for those 2nd type of aspirants, go to below link, where you will get all the study material for GRE including free online test, GRE Master Word List Final, Useful info about VISA Processing,GRE test center codes,Institution codes and Branch codes, Barron-Wordlist-Mnemonics and much more.

Click here to get Study Material for GRE

Also, i have made a list of Best eBooks for GRE which has been recommended by GRE toppers. You can get it from below link now. Where i have added top eBooks like ‘Manhattan GRE: Algebra GRE Strategy Guide and ‘Number Properties GRE Strategy Guide Pap/Psc.

Top 5 eBooks for GRE [MS in USA] - Study Abroad
Best Reference Books for GRE Preparation and Tips for GRE Exam

So, According to our Study Plan, you take 2 days to collect for collecting eBooks and Study Material.Now its time to kick start for the main Exam, Mission USA.

GRE Preparation

For GRE preparation,you have 57 days. Assuming that you have all the necessary eBooks and Study Material, that i have provided to you. Now, start with English, there are eBooks and other resource from where you can get more then 4000+ words of list for English GRE exam. Those who are using English newspapers, internet and other things, its easy for you to get familiar with all these words.

Now, its time to solve the eBooks that i have provided you. Get all the eBooks and start reading one by one. I will advise you to do not use pen paper to solve such books. Go online, that's why i recommended you eBooks and also those eBooks do have CDs too. so you can prepare online only. Because you have to give Computer online Test.

In GRE Exam, you will get 2 Papers in each test with 38 questions in 30 mins for verbal; 30 questions in 30 mins for Quantitative.So, Try to solve the Exam papers as much as you can with some new tricks like increasing time or checking direct answer and  any other such weird experiments will work. So, in the last, it will help you to improve your Speed to solve the Question Papers.

There are 27 tests (54 papers). Try solving at least 20 papers before you get bored (can’t blame you for that). Give a week to the eBooks and solve minimum 2 papers a day. Of course, Solving more then 2  wouldn’t hurt, Right?

Solving BARRONS, will also help you a lot.ITs kinda easy and simple book to solve Quantitative questions. BARRONS has 5 papers, try to solve each in Time Frame with good accuracy Rate. You have to keep going trough solving Quantitative questions Test till Last 10 days before exams. Quantitative may be found easy for Engineering students as they have done that only for whole 4 years of Engineering. For non Engineering background, work hard and read TIPS to crack GRE below.

Now you have almost 25 Days to Go...

Now, its time to start taking adaptive test with Practical test online. You can use the Software that is provided on Study material page for GRE aspirants only. I have already provided you with Cambridge, Princeton, Kaplan (very important) and PowerPrep (GRE level) Practice tests [at Study Material page].

10 days left...

You have to solve above mentioned things before 10 days of Exam [in 15 days]. Now its time for Start preparing for the Essay Part.Take any topics from Barron’s and try to write it down. Try to Solve the PowerPrep tests completely along with the essays to get an idea of your patience level. Solving whole test in one shot is not good idea, its too long. Now Go to the Exam Hall and hit it up. The tips to Do things at Exam hall, whats should be your Attitude in exam hall will be soon posted.

Tips to Crack and Prepare for GRE

  • Devote Full time for Preparation of GRE Test.
  • Do lots of online Practice for Each subject.
  • Use online software for GRE Test.
  • Take atlest 2-3 Test a Day.
  • Strengthen your weaknesses for the first 20 days and for the remaining 10 days, practice and review as much as possible.
  • Revising the Quantitative formulas.
  • focus on high frequency words
  • Practice and get habituated to using the concepts to get answers.

Final Mantra

To get Good marks 80-90%, Practice - Practice and Practice, is the only Key to Succeed in GRE. so Practice hard for 30 Days, and Duniyaa aapke Kadmo main.

So, Now you are clear with the study plan for GRE. Its must thing to have a study plan, as you must know that in which direction you are going. And if you know what you are doing, then 99% you will succeed. Post your Score below.I will soon start thread on Profile Evaluation for GRE.
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