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[Study Material] GRE Exam - MS IN US - Study Abroad

This post will provide you Study Material for GRE [Graduate Record Examinations] Exam including free online test, GRE Master Word List Final, Useful info about VISA Processing,GRE test center codes,Institution codes and Branch codes, Barron-Wordlist-Mnemonics and much more.

As on the request of my reader, this will help you to study better way for GRE Exam as well as for TOEFL [Test of English as a Foreign Language] and IELTS - International English Language Testing System too. There are lots of students who are requesting me for the study material and study plan for GRE. So, here i am first updating the study material as well as study plan on next post.
[Study Material] GRE Exam - MS IN US

Study Material for GRE Exam [Masters in USA]

1. How to overcome anxiety before test.. -  Click here to get it.

This special guide provides practical help for people who suffer from test anxiety. Designed specifically for Praxis test takers but useful to anyone who has to take tests, this guide reviews the major causes of test anxiety and offers practical advice for how to counter each one. 

2. GRE AWA MODEL ESSAYS - Click here to get it.
This pdf file has sample issues and argument essays on many topics. You may find it useful.

3. Free Online TEST for GRE - Click here to get it.

List of links for Free online mock test for GRE exams. Take it now :)

4. 1300 words in the GRE Master Word List - Click here to get it.

This Excel sheet with list of 1300 words for GRE Exam will help you to get decent marks in Verbal exam, :) These words are divided in alphabetical order, so you just have to read it :)

5. GRE test center codes,Institution codes and Branch codes - Click here to get it.

List of all GRE Test centers with code of institutes and branch codes to help you select best test center for GRE.

6. OFFICIAL GRE Preparation Book - click here to get it.

This PDF file of official GRE preparation book that offered from official GRE site.

7. GRE CramPlan (eBook) - Click here to get it.

The eBook of GRE Cramplan latest edition in PDF version. Get it now :)

8. Cracking the GRE (eBook) - Click here to get it.

The Latest 2013 edition of Cracking the GRE eBook in PDF version. Get it now. :)

9. Kalpan Practice Test for GRE - Click here to get it.

The Software with Practice test for GRE examination, get it now :)

10. Official Math Review PDF file - Click here to get it.

for the Quantitative Reasoning Measure of the GRE® revised General Test.

11. Numerical Ability - Data Interpretation - Part 1 and Part 2  .

The Question answers on Data Interpretation via

12. 1100 Words You Need to Know - GRE Verbal - Click here to get it.

The list of 1100 words that you need to know for GRE appearance. you can get it this PDF by above link.

13. Barrons-Wordlist-Mnemonics - Click here to get it.

14. SC supplements from manhattans - Click here to get it.

15. TC supplements from manhattans - Click here to get it.

For Extra Practice.

16. Algebra Questions - Part 1 and Part 2.

For extra practice for Algebra questions with answers.

17. GRE Verbal Work Book - Click here to get.

18. GRE 400 Favorite Words - Click here to get it.

These are the Study material that i have got from already available sources on internet. do not provide any of the above mentioned material. you can check it out, by click on "click here to get it".

For any specific exam material, you can comment below, i will try to provide it,if possible. The more study material will be uploaded on this link only. You can keep visiting this page or you can subscribe us for more updates. Thank you! :)

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  1. The books u Have given is more enough to get good scores and crack GRE ....I request u to upload videos for word list ..:)

    1. Vijayomtic Jolly, Sure, will try my best :)

  2. hello sir...i need a list of one word substitution for ssc cgl xm 2014...kindly provide if possible
    thanks in advance..

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    1. Hanish, check it again, its working fine here :)

  4. Yes I'm also getting error that the link is disabled by Dropbox.Can you please get a new share link for that file. Maybe the file has been modified or so which is causing this error.

  5. i am getting the same problem, that the link has been disabled by dropbox,especially mainly refrence to point no 6,7,8,10,11, and 12. so please provide any other link or help me out.

  6. Dear Sir,
    The link of 1100 frequent gre words is been disabled .
    Please fix it , you might be able to open because you are logged in.
    Either spare some time for me to mail that pdf file.

    Thanks in advance. :)


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