Monday, October 7, 2013

GRE or GATE: Which is Better and WHY?

This post will tell you the advantage and disadvantages of GATE and GRE Examination for master degree. There are lots of students are asking me via email that what should they choose, should they go for GRE or GATE? I think both exams have their own benefits and also i will say you can't even compare both of exams. As both of the exams are different, right?

But on the several request, i have to write this post, may be other people get help from this.Whats my take on both exam, lets start with GRE exam.

GRE Exam After Bachelor Degree
GRE Exam After Bechlore Degree

The most thing that attracts most of the [indian] students is study abroad. They get exited to study at Australia, New Zealand and Canada, always. And most of them are start preparing for IELTS - International English Language Testing System and TOEFL. That's one of the biggest disadvatage of going for GRE as you have to join tution.

Most of [including me] Indian students are not good at English and the reason and to get 7 bands you must join training classes for IELTS and TOEFL. Its compulsory and you have to clear such exams to get study abroad. In some cases, universities can give you discount of half of band if you try little. And the examination Fees.

The both above mentioned exam need kinda big amount of exam fees, you have to pay. Also after clearing the exam, the lots of and lots of complicated admission procedure is waiting for you. No, i am not scaring you, that the truth, students who joined collages via GRE defiantly going to support me.

For an average middle class family, its not budgeted plan to send their child for study abroad for master degree. In such case you must look for scholarships and if you don’t get a scholarship you may land up called "Na Ghar ka na ghat ka". But if you getting good collages and scholarships, and you are crazy for study abroad, you must try for GRE. That's all from GRE, on the other hand GATE is your home ground. Yeah, let me give you more light on it. :)

GATE Exam After Bachelor Degree
GATE Exam After Bechlore Degree

GATE is admission test for getting admission in IITs, NITs for Master DEGREE Engineering. In GATE Exam, as you must aware of, they will ask you all the things that you have studied in your four your of engineering [BE or]. And if you are even an average student, who have average result in engineering, then i don't think that with little effort you can't crack GATE.

Also, After clearing GATE Exam, you can also apply to the PSU jobs which is government jobs. You can get scholarship after GATE if you are going to IITs, most prestigious engineering institutes in the world. But the most difficult task will start after Master degree. India is huge populated country, and there are lacs of engineers are passing out every year.

In such huge competition, you have to make your spot for jobs. And the reason, to remove some candidates, the CGPA is introduced for short listing criteria in jobs and interviews which kill hundreds of bright students career.

So, these are the advantages and disadvantages, problems that comes when you go for GATE or GRE. Now one candidates had ask me what will do if you are final year student? In such case, i will go with GATE, as personally, i don't like study abroad concept, at all. but if you still have enough in pocket and get good marks in GRE, the you can go for GRE, nothing bad in that.

Try for both, that's also an open option for you. Lots of students have already sign up for GATE and now you can give try for GRE even. So, the conclusion is go for any of the exam, but don't stop trying. Keep trying, one day the success will be with you.

So, its now clear in your mind that what you have to do and what not? Still confused? then do comment below your valuable comments, will surely reply to each of them, Thank you! :)

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  1. the attempts in case of GRE are limited??

    1. Nope, you can appear in GRE for N number of times but once per calendar month and no more than five times within any 12-month period.

  2. You Are Doing Some Good Work In Her ;)

    1. you mean HERE* right? :D

  3. I want to attempt gate and gre so that i can choose my options at the end do u suggest to write gre first followed by gate or gate followed by gre??

  4. I want to study abroad n settle there...
    I plan to clear my concpts of btech through a gate training that goes on around evrywer..then sit for gre ! I feel, vd dat i'll b able to focus more in ms with a handful of Knowledge...
    So, shud i do this wAy ?
    If yes..then can u please suggst a procedure to me ?

  5. Sir,will you get me an clear idea about the corses .I would like to do both of them ?
    is it okay ???


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