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Can we use Calculator and Log Tables in JEE Main - Advance Exam? - FAQs related to JEE Main & Advance Exam

This post will give you answer of questions related to what kind of things allowed to use in JEE Main Advance Exam Hall. There are lots student have asked me about can we use calculator in JEE Main Exam hall or not. So instead of answering them separately, i better think to write a new post for this.
Can we use calculator and Log Tables in JEE Main - Advance Exam? - FAQs related to JEE Main & Advance Exam

So, here i am giving some of the Frequent asked questions (FAQs) related to JEE MAIN Exam.Do read it, so you do not have any more confusion.

FAQs related to JEE Main & Advance Exam

1. Can WE use CALCULATOR in JEE Main - Advance Exam?

As per the Last year's JEE Main 2013 Official Notification, you can not bring any electronic device in the exam hall. So, No Calculator allowed in Exam hall.

2. Can we use Simple operation calculator in JEE MAIN Exam?

Big No, no simple nor scientific, none! no electronic device is permitted in exam hall.

3. mobile phone, iPod are allowed?

No, No battery equipment are permitted in Exam Hall.

4. Log Tables are allowed in JEE Main Exam?

No out side paper material like log table, book, notebook, notes are not allowed in examination hall.

5. What if the questions require log table to answer?

In such case, you will be given log tables, provided by Exam Center, Don't Worry :)

6. Can we bring Water Bottle in Exam hall?

It depends on exam center, most of them allow to bring water bottles with you. But, you can ask for drinking water whenever you need in exam hall from nearest authority.

7. Any thing special feature for Physically challenged students?

No, There is no mention of something for Physically challenged students. But on request they can get lower floor exam hall in case they are not able to walk or something.

But there is do provision for blind students. They can get amanuenses on request to Executive Director, JEE(Main) on month before the exam with medical certificate.

These are the best FAQs that are asked frequently on comment section and on Mail ID. for more information and question answer, you can visit now.

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