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Scientific Calculator is allowed in GATE Exam? [FX991es Calculator]

This post will Guide you for the Use of Calculator in GATE [Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering] Examination 2014. There are lots of students are keep on asking me on my Facebook page and in comment. So, here i am provide you all question answer related to the use of calculator in GATE Exam.

Can i use scientific calculator in GATE Exam?

Hell Yes, who said its ban to use calculators in GATE Exam. Anyone can use calculator in GATE Exam with scientific and with normal function too. You can use any calculator at the exam.

Which is the Best Calculator to use in GATE Exam?

Well, use the calculator which you are used to practice with. Keep practicing with the calculator you are comfortable with. And bring that calculator in exam only. But make sure you have another calculator for backup too. As in case if the current one get some problem, you can always use another calculator. But Using Scientific will give you more space to calculate the sums easily and fast way.

Can i use fx991es in gate exam?

Scientific Calculator is allowed in GATE Exam

Why Not, you can use any calculator that you want to use in GATE Exam. but thing is the device have only Calculation function only, not anything else. I am pointing to Mobile phone, yes you can not use mobile phone calculator at exam.

What items are not permitted to be brought in Exam Hall?

You can not bring Electronic diary, mobile phone [not in switch off mode even], and any such electronic gadgets [digital watch with calculator], blank papers, clip boards and log-tables are not allowed.

Someone said me that ‘es’ calculator (having integration and other advance functionalists) are not allowed?

Wrong, you can use that even at examination hall, no issue with that. :)

TI-84 Plus allowed or not ?
IT is allowed, its just another calculator only!
I  have been with many rumors that advanced version of calculators can`t be used during gate exam, is it true?
Already mentioned that you can use any calculator in exam, even scientific calculator.

These are some of the Frequently asked question regarding the Calculator use in GATE exam. if you have any other question regarding this, you can comment below. I will try to answer them all for sure! :)

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  1. is casio fx 9860g ii allowed in gate examination?

    1. Dear,

      Defiantly yes :) All Scientific Calculator is allowed in GATE Exam :)

    2. no since it is programmable

  2. although i have heard n even read that scientific calculator fx-991ES plus is allowed in GATE....even AIR-1 ECE - SUJITH KUMAR has mentioned and recommended it (refer - )

    But one of my batchmate said that when she appeared for GATE(cse)...the checking team (flying ) had caught one guy with that calculator n said it was not allowed...then they took him and his paper was disqualified..............!!

    so is there any other credible source (apart from you )like any GATE guidelines ..etc which says that it is allowed and we can justify the officials , if needed....coz I DO NOT WANT TO BE DISQUALIFIED

  3. Rohit, Any Scientific Calculator is allowed in GATE Exam.

  4. IS FX 991 ES PLUS allowed for gate exam??


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