Thursday, September 19, 2013

900 Questions CAT-CMAT Entrance Exam - MBA Aspirants GET IT NOW

Find here the list of 9 model question papers which will be helpful to all the MBA aspirants who wants to get admission in IIMs or any other good institutes in india via CAT or CMAT examination. These question papers will help them to prepare well for the upcoming mba entrance exams.
900 Questions CAT-CMAT Entrance Exam
What are these Question papers are?

Upon Multiple request, i have collected more then 9 model question papers from various source of internet. there are total 9 Question Papers and each question papers have 100 Questions on each section of MBA entrance exam.

900 Questions based on each section?

Nope, as mentioned above, it has 9 different question papers that are collected from various source, each question paper have 100 question and equal questions on each section.

Which sections are covered in this question papers?

Each section which is compulsory for MBA aspirants like General Awareness, Logical reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, English, Language Comprehensions, Mathematics, Quantitative techniques and Data interpretation.

Are Question paper with Answer Booklet?

Some of the question papers having answer and some of them do not have answers. Please note that this questions are not prepared by me, so i do not have answers of the questions. But still it is good to practice all these question papers to get good marks in MBA entrance exam.

How to Get All 9 MBA Question papers?
Just Click on the above link and get the question paper on your desk. Its simple one click to get all the question papers.if you find any problem while getting the question paper, comment below, will surely help you out.

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  1. Hey..i solved some quests..I hav certain doubts.Wer can i get d answers 2 dem??Can u plz help me out??Thanx


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