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How to Learn Android Programming Step By Step?

This post will Guide you for those who want to learn Android Programming Language in step by step method. No, i am not going to teach you android, but just guiding you for how to learn Android Programming, ways to learn and how to get started.

How to Learn Android Programming Step By Step? - Learning Guide

Why i am writing this? well, i am also starting to learn android programming with you, because many of the student have requested me for the Programming tutorial. But the fact is, i am not programming boy, i do not like programming, that thing i already mentioned and suggested non-programming jobs for IT students, as i am one of them :)

How to Learn Android Programming Step By Step
Well, lets start with Android. For starting with Android, 

one need below mentioned per-requisites to get started with Android Programming.

  1. Andorid SDK [Android Developer Tools].
  2. Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32- or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit) - Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (x86 only) - GNU C Library (glibc) 2.7 or later is required - On Ubuntu Linux, version 8.04 or later is required.
  3. Basic Programming Knowledge Of JAVA Language.
  4. A Book of Android Programming which teach you Android Application Development. [ Android Application development by Wei-Meng-Lee is highly Recommended.]
  5. A Computer or Laptop with basic RAM and Android SDK.
Ok, Now I am assuming that you have all the above thing in your hand. So, now get started with learning of Android App Development. First of all Download the Android Developer Tools.

You can simply download the Android SDK from the official website of Android SDK and download the ADT free from this link now. [].

It is one click download and then installation. You can get the installation guide from searching on Google. Its quite long procedure, so i am not posting it here. If you need it, then request on the below comment, i will provide for sure.

So, now you have downloaded and installed the Android SDK Latest Version in your system. Now you can start programming, But How?

Its simple, now its time to open your Book. You can start reading the book from the very first page and get knowledge about the Android Application Development. For example, if you are going with my recommendation then on this book you will get chapters like,
  • Getting started with Android Programming
  • Activities and Events
  • Getting to know the Android User Interface [it is the demo part of your application, how it will look when you install the application on mobile or any other android enabled device].
  • Showing Pictures and menus with views [How to show navigation menu in Application]
  • Data Persistence
  • Content Providers
  • Messaging and Networking [ Here you will learn who to send and receive message with enabling network part, Whatsapp and other application use this technique].
  • Location Based Services [How Google Place and Other application use your location and you can use users location for your application].
  • Using Android Emulator
  • Publishing android Application [How to publish your android application at Google Play store and make it download for all].
There are many more eBooks also available to learn for Android, but this one i highly recommended as you will get step by step guide for developing each Application.

Now, this are the theory part, now if you need any practical knowledge or Guide then you can read and visit the below mentioned Android blogs, which are quite useful to learn android app development.

How Learn Android Programming Online ?

There are tons of blogs are available who will give you information for app development, but these are the list which i follow personally to learn. Trust me, its all awesome blogs. #fan
  1. - Android Official Blog, where you will get almost all the tutorials to learn the programming in easy way.
  2. - This is one of my favorite blog which have almost all the programming tutorial to learn Android Online. you can even request tutorial.
  3. TheNewBoston’s Android App Development Video Series - - For those who prefer video tutorials, these is the best series of videos which have awesome guide for Android development.
  4. Android App Inventor -
  5. Android Questions - A website good for assistance on troubleshooting common issue in android development.
  6. Android Library - A library of android applications that you can look up to base off a similar application that you are developing.
  7. Developers Blog - An excellent blog on the latest features for Android with loads of code examples to work through and read about.  
I think, these are enough sources to learn about the Android online, if you need more, Just get started with above book. Try and Error is the best way to learn. And if you get stuck anywhere, just ask me, i will help you all possible way.

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