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Latest GATE Score Calculation Formula 2013

Are you getting confused over the score calculation for GATE 2014? Then this article will help you to understand how the score calculation is done by IIT for gate aspirants. here i am post the latest score calculation formula for graduate aptitude test in engineering exam.

Here i will provide you the GATE score Calculation formula for the students who do not know about the on which base the gate score will be calculated and how the gate merit list is prepared. The Study plan and eBooks for GATE is already posted on this blog.
GATE Score Calculation Formula 2013

Till GATE 2012, The GATE official has old formula for calculation of the GATE Score, but from last year GATE officials have introduced all new formula which is much beneficial to all the students. you can take a look at both formula and understand the formula easily.

Old GATE Formula till 2012
As you can see in the above old formula, the mark calculation was done on the base of the total score done by student in GATE, average marks of the student in Degree Last year, average marks of all the students in all degree years and Standard deviation of all above.

In New GATE Score Calculation Formula, the Standard deviation or average marks are not calculated but special ability levels (qualification marks and top 0.1% of students) is calculated.

New GATE Score Formula from 2013

check the new specification, average marks of top 0.1% or 10 of candidate in the paper. which is quite useful to all the students.

Other criteria that included in calculating GATE score is gate score, marks,qualifying marks for general category candidates, gate score assigned to ability levels.

So, hope after this the confusion over the gate score calculation is over, you can now simply calculate your score easily. This article posted upon several request of students who requested and who are confused over the gate score.

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