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How to Crack IBPS Bank Exam? - IBPS Clerk-Po, SBI Clerk PO etc

This post will provide you tips and tricks to crack IBPS Bank Exam, how to get selected for Bank jobs india, how to get maximum marks in IBPS Exam. IBPS [Institute of Banking Personnel Selection] has recently announced the IBPS Bank PO Recruitment Exam and Clerk Exam also on the list. There are lots of candidates who are applying for the IBPS Exams and are not selected because, they lack guidance and preparation Tips.

Also, There are lots of candidates, who are searching for the tips and tricks for the passing out and get selected in IBPS in good banks in india. That's what dream of the every candidate who is appearing for IBPS.

How to Crack IBPS Bank Exam

Without much bothering, here is some of the tips that is shared by one of the candidate who cleared IBPS PO exam and selected in the Dena bank. So, here is the 10 best tips to crack IBPS Exam, check it out.

1. Strong Section are Key :- Yes, I will advise all the candidates who are appearing for the IBPS Exam, that you should start from the section in which you are strong enough. For example, for me, it was Logical reasoning section, while i was week in General Awareness, so i attempted GA section in the last.

2. Divide And Rule :- The Time Limit factor is the most important thing to get clear IBPS. You must have time management for each section. Its simple, either Divide the time for each section by the total time allotted for the Exam. While dividing time slot, you must know your toughness and weakness for each section.
The toughness and weakness of section are known when you are preparing for the Exam, so use it and divide the time accordingly.

3.Easy First :- Always attempt the easy question first in your favorite section. I mean you already following the 1st Tip, by which you are already selecting your best section first and in this best section choose the easy question 1st. [Best section >> Easy question].

The question you find time consuming, mark it for later attempt and move on to the next question, Do not try and waste time while attempting.

4. Give everything you can :- I will advise all the candidates to prepare as much as you can. Practice more and more demo test and model question papers to get fluency in Question solving. Forget the laziness, if you want job, you have to work hard because Preparation is directly proportional to get selected in IBPS

5. Move On :- Already mentioned in 3rd Tip, Do not get stuck to any particular question. Because its our mentality that if we are not get answered for any question then we are keep trying to solve this question and in the end we waste time. So always work and walk with time management [Tip #2].

6. Negative Marks :- Most of the candidate keep attempting the question with out getting 100% sure for the answer. I will advise that attempt the question for which you are 1000% sure for the answer because negative marks are the key to get selected. Its not important which question you attempt, but important is which you leave. That’s the key to success and cracks any competitive exam.

Make sure you attempt enough question to qualify for each section. if not, keep working hard.

7. Stay Calm and Silent :- Do not get frustrated or do not get angry while solving the question paper. And many candidates get nervous while attempting exam in exam hall. Just chill, always keep in mind that you have done enough preparation, now its their turn to test you.

8. Go according to the Plan :- As per the earlier tips, you are attempting best section 1st and easy question 1st, make some more plan for solving question paper. This can be done while you are preparing and solving model question papers.

9. Time Management :- The only key you need after doing enough preparation. Many candidates have done good preparation but with effect of time limit, its all gone. So, always go with the above time management tips and make a plan. Read more here.

10. Shortcuts for Maths :- There are lots of shortcuts are available to do long calculation in easy and shortest way. Learn and practice it. it will help you a lot in exam to save time. 

I have prepared a video for above post, check out here :)

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  1. how should i prepare for banking industry part in clerk and po exams?I am totally blank in that part?Plz give some good books name for this part?

    1. Do search in our books section, where you can found tons of good books for IBPS preparation. :)


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