Monday, September 2, 2013

GTU Detain List - Why GTU not Announce Student Detain List

Are you GTU Student? Looking for Detain student list? who got detained and who not? are you fear to get detain ? Read this article for GTU Student Detain list for Degree, Diploma, MCA and Pharma Students.

I think about this post as there are lots of students who seek for the detain list and keep searching on google for the list of detain list. So, that's the reason that motivates me to give some information about the GTU Detain List.

Do GTU Upload Student Detain List?

Well, Big NO. Gujarat Technological university or any of the university do not announce Student Detain List publicly. All the universities use to notify the institutes and collages for their detain students. None of the university upload the student detain list.

Earlier in September 2009, GTU announced the detain students list on GTU Website for degree engineering students [link]. so, After that GTU has not announced the detain list on official website. So, we do not find the list of detain students by GTU. This is NOT only for the any specific course, but GTU, for all courses, they are not announcing the student detain list.

Where to find the detain students list?

Students can only find the detain list on display of institute/university notice board only. No one else will provide you the detain list. Of course, you can check personally that are you going to detain or not by the simple method, that you can find on the below link.

Why GTU Do NOT announce Detain List?
GTU Detain List - Why GTU not Announce Student Detain List

Well, there can be several reasons for not announcing the detain list. Below are the reason for not announcing the list:-
  • Personal Data :- After all, its personal data of students, that can damage their personal information right, so they do not announce the detain list. And the reason, many universities also do not announce the students wise results even. Only the students who have enrollment no can get the result.
  • University Reputation :- The list of detain students after exam result can be used as comparison of universities, that can damage the reputation of University and that can direct effect the student placement record.
  • Not so important :- Its not so important to announce the detain list. Universities are directly informing students, institutes about students detention, so there is no need to announce on website.
These are the possible reason why universities do not announce the detain list. if you need any other help regarding the student detention or regarding your career guide, you can shoot me comment in the below comment box. Thank you! :)

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  1. i am studying in B.E EC. i want to know the detention rules.
    i was detained. because i had a 5 ATKT in 3rd sem. and i had 4 ATKT in 4rt sem.
    after remid. exam result(December 2013) i got 3 ATKT in 3rd and 2 ATKT in 4rt so, now total is 5. so i want to know that am i detained again or i can continue 5th sem ?

    jaldeep upadhyaya

    1. yes Jaldeep, you are detain again. you need to have less then or equal to 4 ATKT to continue again.

  2. I have 1 atkt in 2nd sem, 1 in 3rd sem, 1 in 4th sem and 2 in 5th sem and now I m appear for 6 sem exam in june so how much subject I have to passed out for got the entry in 7th sem.


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