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CAT 2013 Preparation Tips | How to Prepare for CAT 2013 [Study Plan]

Providing the basic tips and tricks to the candidates who are going to appear for the CAT 2013 MBA Entrance Examination. This are the basic tips that will give you guide for how to get started with the CAT preparation.

I made promise that i will provide you Study Plan for CAT preparation, but i think instead of providing study plan, Preparation tips will work much better. Also study plan for CAT is common as most of the students for CAT are already registered with the coaching classes. So, instead of study plan, i have better tips that will be not given to you in the coaching for sure.

CAT 2013 Preparation Tips | How to Prepare for CAT 2013

CAT 2013 Preparation Tips | How to Prepare for CAT 2013

1. Learn About The Test in detail

Learn About the Common Admission Test (CAT), for online examination, skills you need to crack for CAT Test, build a strategy for the CAT attempt, Study the past cut off marks of CAT.

So, you need to spend at least one hour in learning about the CAT 2013. you can also use other valuable sites which provide you better information about the Test.

2. Self analysis is the best exam | The Try and Error Method

Yes, you have to analyze your self for preparation, how much you know about the topics, your strength & weaknesses. Below are some detail tips to know your strength & weaknesses. Take a practice test of CAT exam, you can use past CAT exam papers for that.Attempt the questions, as many as you can. You are free to set the time limit this time only.But make sure you attempt all the question while solving the question paper in one go.

After attempting, cross check your answer with the answer provided with the exam paper.Analyze your test, your correct answers and wrong one. This way you can find your strength & weaknesses for the exam.Also note down the time required to solve the question paper.  Next time, again take another CAT practice Test, and Try to improve from past performance.

Note:- if the score is low and time is getting high, no need to worry, everybody get the same. Just make one thing sure, that you must progress in the next exam, very few make it.

3. Mastering your strengths and improving on your Weaknesses

After solving few mock test of CAT preparation test, every one will be familiar with their strengths and weakness, as you must have pointed out after analyzing the score card, doesn't you?

You can use below mentioned eBooks for subject wise CAT preparation and the after sticking this plan for preparation, you will be master in your strengths and also have improved weaknesses.

  1. Top 5 best books for CAT 2013 preparation
  2. R. S. Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude eBook for Competitive Examinations
You can surf for shortcuts of Maths tricks, GK improvement, shortcut tricks to solve LR-DI questions on internet. You can get more and more time for improving and preparing, its all depends on when you start the preparation.

4. Personality Development

Yes, this is another one part of your CAT preparation that most of the students forget or avoid t o prepare. Improve your speaking English by question answering in group, use English as much as you can in your day to day life. That will help you to crack the Extempore/ GDs/ Interviews.

You can spare at lest 10-15 minutes a day for such session after coaching or at home with anyone who can give company for such English speaking course.

No worry if you make any mistake while speaking English, we are in the league of Try and error. :)

5. Set the Target

Set your goals for the Score, Collages, weekly, monthly and daily plans and work according to that. it has been said that shoot for the moon, if you fail then at least you will reach at Stars.SET  aggressive Goal and work aggressively. you will surely get success. That's all i can say. you can always connect to me for any question or query regarding the preparation tips. I promise to reply your each query.

Minimum score required in CAT 2013 for getting into IIMs  

Day to Day Study Plan for CAT preparation

You can spare at least below like study plan for each subject, assuming that you are preparing 6 hours a day.
  • Daily 1 hour Reading about General Knowledge
  • Daily 2 hours of Mathematics/Numerical Ability
  • Daily 1 hour of Analytical reasoning / Data interpretation {Logical Reasoning}.
  • Daily 1 hour of reading comprehension exercises / verbal ability 
By this plan, you can analyze your speed, Concentration, Time Management:, Accuracy Rate, Finding Errors.

Note:- I will soon provide you the common error done by students in Online Competitive Test.

Some of awesome resource available for CAT aspirants.
  1. eBooks for CAT 2013 Preparation
  2. Best English-Verbal Ability eBooks [Study Material]
  3. Best Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability eBooks [Study Material]
  4. Best eBooks for Logical Reasoning Exam [Study Material]
  5. Study Material - eBooks - Sample Question Paper - CAT 2013 
  6. [Study Material] CAT 2013 Logical Reasoning Questions
I wish you all success in CAT examination, for any question or query, feel free to hit comment below. Also please provide your feedback about this Tips, Thank you!

Admin, Vicky Sadhu :)


  1. hai frnd!! please provide detailed study plan for the students who are in 3rd year of btech who are going to write should we prepare and how we have to get rank in cat-2014.i hope i hear from u soon !! bye

  2. provide study plan for the students who are going to write cat-2014.specially 3rd btech students.

    1. Rocky, thanks for comment, i will provide you very soon, detail study plan for next CAT. Keep visiting here :)

  3. hello, i am in 1st same and how to prepare for CAT . please tell me.

    1. Dear, Buy books for CAT exam and start preparation :)

  4. hey plz provide study plan for those who are working but get off on weekends

    1. i am working on it, will publish soon :)

  5. hi, vicky ... shivani here...i completed my graduation in commerce and i'm plannning to appear for CAT 2014. firstly i wanted to ask you wether having no work ex will be an hindrance for me for getting into top b schools? and even my qualification for that matter. and secondly for getting into MICA do i have to appear for CMAT CET this year or is CAT fine? looking forward for your reply, thanks

    1. Shivani, Yes, your qualification do meet with eligibility criteria of CAT and CMAT (with due respect to percentage in graduation, 50% minimum). No, work experience is not necessary. for MICA, do visit their official website, they have all the information that you need. you have to appear in MICAT for admission after CAT - CMAT 2014.

  6. I am in 2nd year of engineering when i should ( in which year ) write cat exam.

    1. Kapil, do you have books for CAT? you can find the books for CAT here. get the books for preparation and start preparation from above study plan or as per above plan.

  7. Plz tell me how i can prepare i am a final year pass out in 2014

  8. hi i am studying in can i prepare for cat? what should be my study plan? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me. i want to be someone.plzzzz sir

  9. HI, i want to prepare for CAT....can u tell me which books i should refer....and i m studying B.M.S 3rd yr. plzzzzzz

  10. Hii I m in 2nd year of btech so how can I prepare for CAT ? Should I join to coaching class or I can practise @ home only


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