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Best Reference Books for GRE Preparation and Tips for GRE Exam

This Post will help you to find Best Reference Books for GRE Preparation. Upon Request on the students, here i am posting best eBooks for GRE Preparation.

Are you planning to apply for Ph.D. or master’s degree? Then, you must give GRE (Graduation Record Examination) as a part of application procedure. 

The most common question asked by students is which book to refer for the examination? There are lots of books available on internet also from which students can prepare. However, the question comes that which are the best ones?

Well, the GRE is taken for the graduates who are looking to take admission in postgraduate courses. GRE score is considered as one of the most significant factor for admission. Here are the best reference books for GRE preparation:

Best Reference Books for GRE preparation

  • 1,001 Questions & Answers for the GRE by Dr Nancy L Nolan  :- A critical step in GRE preparation is practicing your skills on mock exams that are structured in the same manner as the actual test. This publication offers 1,001 questions (and answers) to help you hone your skills, identify weaknesses, and build your confidence in the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the GRE.
  • Barron’s new GRE 19th edition:  The book is well prepared and most recommended for GRE preparation. It covers all the topics with two study models & 1 diagnostic test.  The book contains all the basic topics that are needed to learn for GRE exam.
  • ETS’s official guide to the GRE revised general test 2nd edition: This book is must for all the aspirants of GRE. Book contains four solved tests and two of these are obtainable on the CD-ROM as well.
  • Kaplan new GRE premier: The book is suggested to learn verbal and quantitative reasoning. There are practice problems and test taking given in the book.
  • Gruber’s complete GRE guide: The book contains plenty problems on quantitative reasoning and few verbal reasoning.
The books mentioned above are the best ones for GRE test. Moreover, there are many sources available on internet that helps you to prepare for the test.  Remember, there is no any single way to prepare for exam. 

Every applicant has their own way of learning and gathering information. So, choose the books according to your requirement and prepare well. Wish you all the best for exam! 

By Vicky Sadhu.

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