Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Updated] GTU Grading System - CGPA Introduced - How Grade is calculated in GTU ?

Are you study in Gujarat Technological University? then you need to look in to this post. as GTU has announced the new grading system for the students exam result. This post is providing the Grading system of Gujarat Technological University, for all degree, diploma, pharmacy, MCA students.

As per the new grading system, diploma students will get CGPA marks based on last 3 semesters. For Degree Engineering students, CGPA will be counted based on the result of last four semester. For Pharmacy students,CGPA will be counted based on the result of last four semester.

[Updated] GTU Grading System - CGPA Introduced

What was the old grading system?

Earlier, the grading system was based on the exam result of all the semesters of the course. And based on the grade of the student will be awarded passing class.

What is the new grading system of GTU?

As per the new grading system, the Diploma engineering student will get overall grade based on last 3 semester, Degree Engineering student will get CGPA on last 4 semester, Pharmacy student will get CGPA on last 3 semester, MCA Students will get grade based on last 4 semester exam result.

What are the benefits of this grading system?

The Overall result of the course, university will be higher then the expected. So, the placement records will be improved. As per the GTU  Vice-Chancellor Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, This changes has been made to improve the placement of the students, so they can also get good marks as per the other technological universities.

more then 2.5 lacs of students will get benefit from this new grading system. So, now your last 3-4 semesters are only counted for the grading marks of your course.

Grading system in other technological university?

Well, this system of CGPA are running in other technological universities of india since long, GTU is bit late to implement this in Gujarat.

GTU Evaluation system can be find at this link.  
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