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Tips to Crack GTU/JNTU/Anna University Exam - Tricks To Get Full marks in External Exam

Are you student of Gujarat technological university, Jawaharlal nehru technological university or anna university? then you must read this article where i have shared tips to crack and get full marks in university semester exam. what factors you need to improve, how improve exam result and what to take care in exam are explained here.

Is it though to get clear the external exam of technological university exam? As per the below statistics, more then 60% Engineering students are getting fail in the external exam of universities. So, here is the tips to crack the Exam easily.

Tips to crack the External Exam of all university Exams

Understand the Syllabus :- What type of questions, topics and chapters are covered in the exam (subject). Use past exam paper side by side to get rid of blueprint of the subject, if it is confusing. I have noticed and observed that most of the students are fail to understand the syllabus.

Explain Well :- Learn good English grammar,if you are poor. Most of the students are fail to explain the topic in the exam. As your teacher, if the person who going to check is not going to understand what you have written then you are going to fail for sure, or to get low score in exam.

Improve Writing Skill :- Use of exact verb, definition and exact word that describe the topic will be awarded good marks in the exam. So, whenever you reading your book, use highlighter to highlight the words that seems important to you. Use well this in exam as well with highlighter.

Use Diagrams :- Whenever you need to explain thing, use diagrams if possible, as it has been said that a picture says 1000 words. so, a well draw diagrams will defiantly going to give positive impression to the paper checker.

Follow the study plan :- if you have made your study plan then compare it with our analyst study plan. If you don't have, not to worry, read the below Study plan.

Study Plan for the Students who study just before night of the Exam

Tips to Crack/Pass GTU/JNTU/Anna University Exam

There are two types of Students, 1) one who use to study starting from the semester, practice each unit for even mid semester exam and 2) second type of students, like me, who use to study just before night of the exam. Don't feel shame, majority belongs to us :) 

Study Plan for the Students who use to Study Just before night of the Exam as Type first students do not need any study plans, even if they need, they can refer to this page now.

Step 1: Get syllabus of the subject from the official source.
Step 2: Get good text book or notes from seniors.  
Step 3: Check text book with syllabus, if you need any other notes, surf the internet.
Step 4: Get important questions and previous year question papers from the official website of university.
Step 5: Be clear about what you are going to learn, make rough plan in note.
Step 6: Choose very important questions from previous year question paper, as you don't have much time.
Step 7: Give importance to IMP questions and make order which you should study first.

These steps must be completed before 5pm before exams, assuming exam is tomorrow morning 10 AM.

Step 8: Divide and rule, you need to manage time required according and set time for each units.
Step 9: Start to preparation.
Step 10: If extends your time, move to next unit.
Step 11: You must through with 3 units compulsory.
Step 12: Be attentive and answer all the questions. 

Why i am providing Tips to crack Final University Exam?

There are lots students are getting failed in the Final exam of semester. As per the statistics,
  1. Nearly 70% students fail 1st year JNTU BE exams, 62000 students were fail in the BE 1st year exam out of 90,000.
  2. Nearly 60 per cent of second-year Anna University students have failed in the mathematics paper in their third semester - Source.
  3. 70 failed in fundamentals of programming logic Subject at Anna University. - Source.
  4.  All B.Tech students fail II- Semester exam  - Source.
  5. More then 50% students failed in Maths 3 TPDE and 30% in other subjects. - Source (kinindia.com).
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  1. now also i am see in your crack the exam. tips so now follow as this sem. thank u

  2. how can i get important questions? ,is rejinpaul is useful for important question papers

    1. Kesav, you can use if for practice,though i haven't see those papers.


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