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[Study Plan] How To Crack GTU Winter Exam 2013-14?

Are you studying in GTU? Are you having backlog in GTU Semester exam? then read this study plan which will guide you how to study for the final semester exam and how to get maximum marks in the examination and improve exam result and get good CGPA. I am posting this as the passing percentage of GTU students are getting down day by day.

Well, we are not here to criticize GTU, but to make strong plan for upcoming gtu exam, so we all, gtu students can pass out with colorful marks in final exam. So, what are you waiting for, just start from the below.

What will you need for Exam Preparation?

1. Exam Syllabus :- Get the latest and updated syllabus from the gtu official website at GTU used to change the syllabus of subjects semester by semester.So, its better to get the updated syllabus that will give you proper picture of which subject you need to read and which topics.

2. Past Exam Papers :- Past exam papers are perfect example and can be perfect prediction of current examination paper. Though, gtu exam papers are always unpredictable, but still past exam papers will help you to get some idea about the exam pattern and type of questions can be asked in the final examination.

3. Study Material :- In Study material,  i mean to say you all have the lecture notes and other useful notes, papers, syllabus books, eBooks, PPTs, PDF Files, Xeroxes and etc Doc that is used in preparation for examination. Grab each and everything from all the source. 

Pro tip:- your teachers and senior students are the perfect source for study material, contact them to get all the exam papers and useful study notes.

4. other stuff :- In other stuff, you can include the extra material you need for the project or something else that you need for the special subject.

Ok,now you have everything that you need for to crack the GTU Exam successfully. What next? Study plan. 

Study Plan To Crack GTU Winter Exam 2013-14

[Study Plan] How To Crack GTU Winter Exam 2013-14?

1. Concentrate on Collage Lectures  :- I know almost 90 % students do not attend the collage regularly, but the key to get success in gtu exam is your teachers only. Spend as much as time you can with your teachers, you HODs. They are always there to help you in all your smallest problem, questions and query. They will tell you, your plus points and minus points as well for specific subject.So, go and consult them and make perfect notes of each and every lectures. This will help you in Exam preparation.

2. Target Internal Exams First :- Yes, This is the small battle ground, where you have to compete with your friends and classmates. At internal exam,you will get knowledge of your strength and weakness. Like, Some students have problem with the writing skill, they can not finish the exam on time or they having problem in execution. Note down your weakness and start working on it, After exam. You will also get to know about in which area of subject you are poor and where you need to work hard. That's it, Get the query and reach to your subject teacher. Your problem solved.

Also, Internal Exams have 30 Marks of weight age too, so grab as much as marks you can in internal exams. That will beneficial to add more pointer in final exam SPI. If you done this, You already won the half race.

3. Time management :- Divide and Rule, that's the key to learn any subject. Instead of studying all the subject in one go, divide them in Two part, one in which you are Good and one in which you are not good, or you need to improve. This thing will be clear as soon as you get off from internal exam (result). Give equal or priority base time slots for each subject. And start studying with out wasting much time.

The problem with winter exam is that, there are many obstacles in exam preparation that a student phase like, festivals, Diwali vacation and etc.So, these thing will distract you from study. so time management is much needed.

4. Past Exam paper solving :- I think, solving the previous exam papers is the best practice to get fluent in any subject. As it will revise you with all the topics and chapters of subject. So, one will ask that why now we start with Past exam paper solutions and go to the exam?, well, for solving past exam papers, you need to clear the topics first and for that you must know the subject properly, or at least you must have idea about your subject. So, Solving past 5 year's Regular and remedial exam paper will help you to get more and more knowledge of subject.

5. Revision :- Ok, now are reached to D-Day. Yes, now only 10-20 days left for the exam, what to do? Nothing, Just start the revision. Solving past exam paper is also one kind of revision,but  that will only for the students who start preparation in last days [:-)]. By this revision, i mean to say Self Test. Test your self with available knowledge of subject. I damm sure if you have followed all the previous steps, you are almost 80% fluent in specific subject. So, revise your self with help of extra reference books and with other materials.

6. Exam Day :- Just keep one thing in mind that you have done all the preparation and give your best. Forget about the Pass or Fail. The famous quote of bill gates always worked for me:- "I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." So, an exam result won't decide you future. if you failed in subject(s), not to worry at all, GTU always give you second chance.

7. Wait For the Exam Result and Enjoy The Small Vacation! :)

Hope, this study plan may work for you, and help you to crack the GTU Exam. All the best, is always with you for any exam related query. Just Go for It. If you like the plan, do share with your friends.Thank You! :)

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