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SSB Interview Tips - Common Questions with Answer [CDS/SSB]

Providing the Before interview, on SSB Interview Tips, Common Question asked in SSB Interview, how to answer them, how to get selected in SSB Interview,phase of SSB Interview.

There are lots of candidates who apply for SSB Interview each year, and normally few of them get selected. You need to prepare well as you are going to appear in one of the toughest interview in the country. 

What are these interview for?

SSB interviews are for those who wants to join Indian Army, who get passout in any of the Entry exam to join indian army.

What are the test taken in SSB Selection Process (Interview)? 

SSB Interview Tips - Common Questions with Answer [CDS/SSB]

SSB Interviews are long and time taking (i.e 5 day long), it will test your all physical, mental ability in the selection process,with below mentioned test.

On the Day 1, Screening Test Will be conducted, in this test they will test you with IQ test and PDT test, below mentioned the detail about this test.

a) IQ Test – Verbal & Non Verbal

b) Picture Perception & Picture Description Test

For Air Force Only – Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT)

a) Instrument Reading Test – Written Test

b) Machine Test on Computers

On the Day 2, Physiological Test will be conduced. In which different other test also be tested, below mentioned.

a) Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)

b) Self Description Test – (SDT)
c) Word Association Test – (WAT)
d) Situation Reaction Test – (SRT)

On the Day 3 & Day 4, Group Testing Officer’s tests and Interview will be taken. This two day will test how much you can work with Team.

a) Group Discussion (GD)

b) Military Planning Exercises
c) Progressive Group Task
d) Group Obstacle Race
e) Individual Lecturette

On the Day 4 below mentioned test will be done.

a) Command Task

b) Final Group Task

On the Day 5, Conference and Results Declaration will done!

a) Closing Address

b) Conference - The process where you will get chance to meet more then 12 officers in a single room and addressing you.
c) Result Declaration

Common questions asked in SSB Interview on general questions, friends and family related questions, Education Related Questions,Hobbies and Interests

Q) Why do you want to join Defense Forces?

Q) What if you do not get recommended this time?
Q) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?(And for the obvious answer No-Why you do not have)
Q) Do you drink/booze?
Q) What is your belief of marriage? (Love/Arranged)
Q) Why did you fail in previous SSB attempt (for repeaters)?
Q) Did you do any special preparation for SSB?
Q) Who are your best friend and why?
Q) What you don’t like in them?
Q) What they don’t like in you ?
Q) What they think about you?
Q) Any worst moment in life?
Q) Your 3 strong points?
Q) Your 3 weak points?
Q) Why do you want to join Defence?

Skills to develop to get selected in SSB Interview

Below are the common skills they use to notice and select the candidates who have this qualities:-

  • Who have the right attitude.
  • Who have a good leadership qualities.
  • Who use positive thinking.
  • Who has knowledge about armed force.
  • Who is above general IQ.
  • Who has good knowledge on your graduation subjects and general knowledge.
  • Who have dressing etiquette and mannerism.
  • Who have good self confidence.
  • Who have ability to adapt.
  • Who is being t in the right time in the right place in the right dress throughout the duration of SSB.
Tips to Do Before Interviews
  • Read your resume in detail, most of the question they will ask after reading your resume only.
  • Remember your PIQ form.
  • Remember SDT (self description test)
  • Always carry pen and blank sheet in your pocket(in case of emergency… don’t ask pen to IO).
  • Before going for interview take sufficient water, go for washroom and tell to yourself. You are going to get selected as you are going to speak only true things and you deserve this post as per your performance. and remember one thing, they are not going to kill you, so chill.
  • mobile, wallet, wrist watch, any sacred threads should not be carried over interviews, look gentleman decent and use washed socks.
Tips to crack SSB Interview and how to get selected?

  • Make sure your hands and eye moment in the interview
  • Sit straight and give answer with making proper eye connection
  • Don't get nervous, don't wave your hands or legs while interview
  • Respect them,don't argue with them, just accept.They are the senior, who have taken thousands of SSB interview, so they know what to ask and whom to ask, they are testing you, just.
  • Work on your enthusiasm and self reflects your energy.
  • Keep smiling, and answer all the question in confidence
  • Show you skills, potentials and achievements and be gentle in complete process.
  • Make every possible Endeavour to avoid pitfalls
  • Practice is the key to crack any interview, so do as much as you can practice before the interview, i have given you list of common questions, do practice it.
  • After finishing the interviews, thank them and give put you hand towards him for shake hand and leave with same confidence you come in the interview room.
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About the Article :- No, i am not the SSB Aspirants,but i have scraped all the best available information about the SSB Interviews and putted over here. The sites from where we grab all the information are listed below. Thanking them!


  1. sir,
    i am a girl aged 21 .i am overweight and going to appear is ssb in i eligible or it will create a problem?
    please do reply

    1. You must clear all the test, overweight is nothing to do.

    2. dumbo...u also have to clear the medcal tests aftr ssb so work on it and just make sure that ur BMI is ok...

  2. sir i am a boy and i m around 100kg.i have ssb for navy?
    should i go?

    1. Divyanshu, will you able to clear all physical test? Hope you have read about their test(s). if not, its available on their official portal.

  3. Is group tasks like commando task n all are same for boys and girls?

    1. Vandana, expect Individual Obstacles (IOs), none of the task have any mention about gender difference (on official website), so it will be same for both. only IOs are different for boys and girls :)

  4. i want to play cricket from services...shud i say this in interview??

    1. No, better to say focus on nation's service.

  5. hi i want to know if it would be an issue if i select a later date for ssb .... i.e if i opt for june instead of may?

  6. i have glasses one eye with -ve 5 and other -ve6 should i go for interview?please reply soon,,,

    1. no u cannot clear the medical

  7. sir,
    what type of question gonna ask in ssb regarding general awarness/knowledge.


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