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GTU MCA 4th Semester FON Assignments [Study Material]

Providing the study material for the MCA 4th Semester students of Gujarat Technological University.This folder having total 10 assignments on Fundamentals of Networking [FON].

Students can get the whole folder in single click by visiting the below mentioned link to get the Assignments on the Fundamentals of Networking [FON] subject. if you are following our study plan to crack and get maximum good marks in GTU Exam, then this will help you to get maximum marks.

Click here to get the FON Assignments [Study Material].

What are these assignments contains?

In the first Assignment – I of Fundamentals of Networking, there are below mentioned topics question are mentioned.

a) Computer Network, (b) Distributed System, (c) Server, (d) Client, (e) Protocol, (f) Unicasting, (g) Multi casting, (h) Broadcasting, (i) Point-to-Point Network, (j) Packet, (k) LAN, (l) MAN, (m) WAN
(n) Internetwork, (o) Gateway, (p) Router, (q) Hub, (r) Switch, (s) Frame, (t) TCP, (u) UDP, (v) OSI Layers,(w) TCP/IP Layers,(x) Different LAN Topologies ,(y) Ethernet.

In Assignment – II there will be questions on  TCP/IP Reference Model in detail, OSI Reference Model in detail, (a) Subnet, (b) Wireless Network, (c) LAN , (d) Design issues for Layers, Service, Protocol and Interface.

There will be questions on Assignment – III

a) Explain S-Box and P-Box (b) Electronic Code Book (c) Cipher Feedback Mode (d)Stream Cipher Mode (e) Substitution Ciphers, Message Digest,, Public Key Algorithm, Digital Signature.

Assignment – IV having questions on (a) Fiber Optics (b) Modem (c) Electromagnetic Spectrum (d)Radio Wave (e) Substitution Ciphers. CDMA, DSL (b) WLL, GSM with D-AMPS, First Generation Mobile Phones.

Assignment – V having questions on Piggy backing, pipe lining (b) Character Stuffing / Byte Stuffing
(c) Feedback Based and Rate Based Flow Control, Practical Questions.

Assignment – VI is about Collision Domain, Frame bursting, RTS, CTS, Difference between CSMA and CSMA / CA, Explain Switch Ethernet. 6. Explain various transmitting techniques allowed in the physical layers of 802.11 standards.

Assignment – VII having questions on Router, Sink Tree, Flooding, Selective Flooding, Stationary Host, Migratory Host, Load Shedding, Jitter Control, congestion in networking.

So, what are you waiting for, just download the above folder and start working on study plan to get maximum marks.

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