Saturday, August 10, 2013

GTU B.E Semester 4th Study Material

Providing the Exam Material (Study Material) for the Gujarat Technological University's Bechlore of Engineering Students for Semester 4th. The Students who are studying in the 4th semester of B.e can get the study material from the below mentioned link.

GTU B.E Semester 4th Study Material
Click here to get all the study material (Zip 5.1 MB).

Just click on the above link and get all the exam material folder. its just of 5.1 MB of zip folder. Just unzip and enjoy!

What does this Study Material Contains?

  1. The Study note and detail explanation about Numerical Integration and Differentiation.With detain explanation of Simpson’s Rule, Composite Simpson’s Rule, Gaussian Quadrature formulas,Multiple Integrals.
  2. Detail Explanation of Numerical Integration and Differentiation with example and solution, One -Dimensional Gaussian Quadrature,Multi -Dimensional Quadrature.
  3. A Lecture notes on MEMORY INTERFACING:- MEMORY INTERFACING WITH 8085, Typical Eprom And Static Ram, DECODER.
The above link folder having Rar, Doc and PDF files that you can read easily for can check the link and download the study material. for any questions or query related to study material you can comment below any time.


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