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GTU Contributor Personality Development (1990001) - Exam Paper [Study Material]

For GTU Students, GTU officials is back with the new subject (new surprise). Gujarat technological university official has announced the subject "Contributor Personality Development", CPD for short. you should not panic, you are in GTU, you must have "aadat" to get such surprise. Anyways, lets me share exam papers, exam patterns, question papers and other information about  CPD subject here.

Contributor Personality Development [CPD] - (1990001)

New Subject Contributor Personality Development (1990001) - Exam Paper [Study Material]

Full Name of the Subject :- "Contributor Personality Development" or "swami Vivekananda personality development course" - CPD for short.

Subject Code - 1990001

Which semesters will be effected? - 

Semester of  B.Engineering Semester -7, Diploma Engineering Semester - 5, B.Pharma Semester - 7, MCA Sem -3 have to study this new subject.

Is it compulsory subject or optional?

This is compulsory subject, no option is available for this subject. [And there is nothing like optional in GTU, even the optional subjects are compulsory. :P]

whats Motive to introduce new subject?

CPD is subject to teach student about what is society friendly, how to think towards development and betterment of society. you have to leave selfishness and think about society.

Is it tough subject?

It is just another subject, not tough, its too easy to pass out the subject. Normally colleges/institutes have 100% passing ratio for CPD subject. In fact it will boost your CGPA.

Is there any internal exam for CPD?

Yes, as mentioned it is just another subject. you have to do social presentation, assignments and study too (just little).

Exam pattern of CPD?

In final exam of CPD, students will get 90 questions of MCQs. there will be 5 options for each questions, no negative marking. In fact there is no wrong answer, for every answer you will get 1-5 marks (for 5 option) which ever you select, total marks will be 450. you just have to answer which is the most suitable answer.

Read more about exam pattern of CPD at this link.

Sample Question papers for CPD?

Below is the list of 3 sample question papers for CPD subject, you can get it all now. 
Where is official circular for CPD Subject?

You can get official circular at this link.

The subject is called Swami Vivekanand Contributor Personality Development Program(1990001) which is already introduced to all other course in vagarious semesters.

Any other exam material available for CPD?

I am in search of that, once i found that, i will defiantly upload it on this page. keep visiting this page for more updates.

It will be pen paper exam or OMR Sheet?

The exam of CPD, as mentioned above, it will be objective and you have to fill your answer in OMR sheet with pencil.

Earlier it was in MCA 4th semester, B.E 2nd semester and so on. now it has swiped some of the semesters.This subject is quite easy as many of the student has personally experienced. you just have to take care of mid term exam.

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