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GTU MBA Question Papers All Semester - GTU Exam Material

Providing Question papers, exam papers for the Gujarat Technological University MBA Students. This questions papers will help them to understand the examination of GTU MBA.

This question paper has collection of all 1st,2nd and 3rd semester. you can check out the collection of solved question papers for gtu students.

GTU MBA Question Papers All Semester - GTU Exam Material

The paper set of   Semester-I  
NoExam YearSubjects Name
1March-April2010Quantitative AnalysisView / Download
2March-April2010Principles of ManagementView / Download
3March-April2010Organizational BehaviorView / Download
4March-April2010Managerial CommunicationView / Download
5March-April2010Management Information SystemView / Download
6March-April2010Economics for ManagersView / Download
7March-April2010Accounting for ManagersView / Download
8Jan2010Quantitative AnalysisView / Download
9Jan2010Principles of ManagementView / Download
10Jan2010Organizational BehaviorView / Download
11Jan2010Managerial CommunicationView / Download
12Jan2010Management Information SystemView / Download
13Jan2010Economics for ManagersView / Download
14Jan2010Accounting for ManagersView / Download
The paper set of   Semester-II  
NoExam YearSubjects Name
1Rem Dec 2010820007_Research Methodology and operations ResearchView / Download
2Rem Dec 2010820006_Production and Operations ManagementView / Download
3Rem Dec 2010820005_Marketing ManagementView / Download
4Rem Dec 2010820004_Human Resource ManagementView / Download
5Rem Dec 2010820003_Financial ManagementView / Download
6Rem Dec 2010820002_Environment for BusinessView / Download
7Rem Dec 2010820001_Cost and Management AccountingView / Download
8May 2010Quantitative Analysis (QA)View / Download
9May 2010Managerial Communication (MC)View / Download
10May 2010Research Methodology and Operations Research (RM&OR)View / Download
11May 2010Production and Operations Management (POM)View / Download
12May 2010Marketing Management (MM)View / Download
13May 2010Human Resource Management (HRM)View / Download
14May 2010Financial Management (FM)View / Download
15May 2010Environment for Business (EFB)View / Download
16May 2010Cost and Management Accounting (CMA)View / Download
The paper set of   Semester-III  
NoExam YearSubjects Name
1Jan 2011830203_Security Analysis and Portfolio ManagementView / Download
2Jan 2011830403_Technology and BusinessView / Download
3Jan 2011830402_System Analysis and DesignView / Download
4Jan 2011830401_Database ManagementView / Download
5Jan 2011830303_Management of Industrial Relations and Labour LegislationsView / Download
6Jan 2011830302_Compensation ManagementView / Download
7Jan 2011830301_Change Management and Organization DevelopmentView / Download
8Jan 2011830202_Management of Financial ServicesView / Download
9Jan 2011830201_Corporate Taxation & Financial PlanningView / Download
10Jan 2011830103_Sales And Distribution ManagementView / Download
11Jan 2011830102_Integrated Marketing CommunicationView / Download
12Jan 2011830101_Consumer Behaviour and Marketing ResearchView / Download
13Jan 2011830003_New Enterprise and Innovation ManagementView / Download
14Jan 2011830002_Legal Aspects of BusinessView / Download
15Jan 2011830001_Strategic ManagementView / Download

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