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[Analysis] SBI Associate PO Exam Syllabus -

By With No comments: - Are you going to appear in SBI Associate PO exam? here is Analysis of exam syllabus, which questions will be asked, what kind of questions will be asked, how many questions will be asked in each topic are listed below.

[Analysis] SBI Associate PO Exam Syllabus -

SBI Associate PO Exam Syllabus
In SBI Associate PO exam, there will be total 2986 vacancies are going to be filled, and the exams are going to be taken in November, 2014.  So, here is some detail analysis of sbi associate po exam syllabus, to help you out, what to read and how much you need to read.

In SBI Associate PO exam, there will be two papers are going to be asked, which you need to write it same day. In this exam you will find two sections,  1. Objective type paper-I  -  200 Marks 2. Descriptive type Paper-II - 50 marks.

In Objective Type paper I, you will get 200 questions on Reasoning (50 questions), English (50 Questions), Data Interpretation (50Questions) and General awareness+computer awareness + Marketing Awareness (50 Questions).

In Reasoning section, it will be bit tough, you will get questions on Puzzle / Seating Arrangement (10 questions, Logical Reasoning (15 questions), Syllogism (5 questions), Direction &other problem (5 questions), Input - output (5 questions) and Sentence coding and Direction problems will contain 10 question.

In English Section, you may get there may be 2 reading comprehension, each will contain 10 marks,so 20 marks of reading comprehension. Candidates who wished to skip RC can now star preparation for this section. Faulty construction problems will contain 15marks of weight-age. Jumbled sentences will have 5 questions and close passages 10 questions.

In Data Interpretation section, Probability and line graph questions will be there, 10 questions,10 questions on pie chart problems, 15 questions on bar charts and tables problem.

In General Awareness, section, you will get questions on banking awareness,current affairs, computer awareness and marketing awareness.All sections will have equal weight-age. 

Paper 2 : Descriptive writing section.

This section contains 50 marks of weight-age, where you will get 10 marks of letter writing, 8 marks for paragraph writing (i.e memo), 12 marks on Essay Writing, Precise Writing and reading Comprehension will contain 20 questions.

Which banks are participating in this recruitment exam?

As mentioned, its a SBI associate bank's recruitment. SBI associate banks like SBBJ – State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, SBH - State Bank of Hyderabad, SBM - State Bank of Mysore, SBP - State Bank of Patiala and SBT - State Bank of Travancore are going to recruit PO officer via this exam.

if you want to check bank wise vacancies, you can find it here.

Whats next? Next is will be providing study material for SBI associate PO exam, stay tuned.

Quiz on Indian Super League - GK Update

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Check out some important Questions on Indian Super League (ISL) that can be asked in upcoming government jobs exam, IBPS Exam, Bank Exam or SSC CGL exam.

Quiz on Indian Super League (ISL)

Indian Super League
1. Who is the organizer of Indian Super League (ISL) ?
[A] Reliance Industries
[B] Future Group
[C] Shah Rukh Khan
[D] John Abraham

Answer :- Reliance Industries, who holds sponsorship, advertising, broadcasting, merchandising, video, franchising, and rights to create a new football league.>

2. How many players are playing in ISL?
[A] 100 
[B] 121
[C] 221
[D] 212

Answer :- Total 212 Players are playing in Indian Super League including 94 foreign players.

3. Total Teams playing in Indian Super League (ISL)
[A] 10
[B] 08 
[C] 09
[D] 11

Answer :- Total 8 teams are playing in 1st session of ISL, later they will add more teams in next year.
4. Total Matches are going to play in 1st session of ISL?
[A] 60
[B] 61
[C] 62
[D] 63

Answer:- Total 61 Matches will be played between October to December 2014 in 8 cities of india.

5. Who designed the Trophy of Indian Super League (ISL)?
[A] Reliance
[B] Football federation of india
[C] Frazer & Haws
[D] Sachin Tendulkar

Answer :- Designed by Frazer & Haws, the Indian Super League trophy stands 26 inches tall.

6. How much money will be awarded to winning team?
[A] 8 Cr
[B] 6 Cr
[C] 4Cr
[D] 3Cr

Answer :- 8Cr INR.

7. How much money will be awarded to each semi finalist in  Indian Super League (ISL)?
[A] 1.5 Cr each team
[B] 1 Cr each team
[C] 2Cr each team
[D] 0.50 Cr each team

Answer:- 1.5 Crore to each team of semi final.

8. When was Indian Super League was founded?
[A] 21st october, 2014
[B] 21st october, 2013
[C] 12th october, 2014
[D] 11th october, 2011

Answer:- On 21st October, 2013, This Indian Super League was officially launched by IMG-Reliance, STAR Sports, and the AIFF (All India Football Federation).

9. Which teams played first match of Indian Super League (ISL)?
[A] Kolkata vs Mumbai
[B] Chennai vs Kerala
[C] Kerala vs North East
[D] Delhi vs Goa
Answer :-  Kolkata vs Mumbai played first match of ISL.

10. Who is the owner of Kerala Team?
[A] Sachin Tendulkar
[B] Saourav Ganguly
[C] Ranbir kapoor
[D] Abhishek Bachchan

Answer :- Sachin Tendulkar owns Kerala blaster team in ISL.

11. When was the Trophy of ISL was Launched?
[A] 5th October, 2014
[B] 6th October, 2014
[C] 3rd September, 2014
[D] 2nd September, 2014

Answer :- The Indian Super League trophy was unveiled on 5 October 2014 in Mumbai by IMG-Reliance chairperson Nita Ambani.

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I failed in IBPS Exam What to do next? - Study Guide

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This post will guide you students who failed in IBPS Exam. Providing study guide for them, what to do next, how to crack ibps exam, how can we pass out ibps exam and get job, and if not IBPS, what are the other options available after IBPS Exam.

I failed in IBPS Exam What to do next? - Study Guide

failed in IBPS Exam
Nowadays, There are lots of students are going for IBPS Exam as it is one of the biggest recruitment for graduates in India with government job benefits. Also, ibps exams do come with lots of benefits and lots of vacancies.

But, at the same time, there are lots of competitors too for IBPS Exam in india. IBPS usually do one recruitment exam for RRB, clerk, PO and Specialist officer in a year. And each recruitment exam have usually around 20-30k (approx) jobs and the reason lots of candidates apply for these exams. So, below i am explaining why people fail and what to do next?

Reasons why candidates fail in IBPS Exam?

There are lots of reasons for failure in ibps exam but below are some main points which i observed in candidates who attempt IBPS Exam.
  • Underestimating IBPS Exam, most of the students feel that its normal MCQs exam, where we can just go, click few questions and clear it.
  • Underestimating Competition, most of the students are not aware of total no of students applying for same exam.
  • Lack of Preparation, no one prepare seriously, just go in to exam without proper preparation.
  • Not understanding exam structure and exam syllabus. IBPS Exam needs time management, which you lack by just not reading their paper style.

What to do if i fail in IBPS Exam? 

What to do next? well before going there, choose your goal. Are you just going in IBPS Exam to just try once or its your goal to get job in IBPS exam? if you are just going in ibps exam for time pass then forget that you will ever clear it, it isn't easy as you think. It needs proper preparation, for each subject and each section. And in that case, you better leave ibps exam attempts.

If getting bank job is your goal and you just want to get bank jobs, than i can help you here. if you are serious about your career, than you will get thousands of hands to help you out. Remember, god help them who help themselves. So, what to do?

First, Find the reason why got failed? Poor preparation, lack of study material, no study plan? unknown to ibps exam structure or poor time management? Find it first and the start preparation for your next exam with target to clear it, anyhow.

you can follow the Study plan to crack IBPS exam, where i have mentioned how to study for ibps exam, step by step and where you will get all other study material for each ibps exam with all subjects.

if need time management tips for bank exam, then you can check this article where i have mentioned how to manage time in competitive exams like IBPS. you can find the study material and Book suggestions for each subject on this blog, just search it ( you can leave comment if you need any help).

If not IBPS, then you can try with other bank exam like SBI Clerk and SBI PO (which is not associated with SBI). Also, you can apply for other Government jobs, you can go for Staff selection commission jobs, UPSC jobs or your state public commission site to get new job notification. you can join us on facebook to receive regular updates on government jobs.

If you need any other assistant related to bank jobs, feel free to ask me on the comment box, Thank you.

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GTU Winter 2014 Exam Time Table - GTU Exam Time Table

By With No comments: - Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has announced the Exam Time Table for the Upcoming Winter Exam 2014 for all course. If you are GTU Students and looking for the GTU Exam Time Table, then you can check the exam time table now for next gtu exam.

GTU Winter 2014 Exam Time Table - GTU Exam Time Table

As you know, Gujarat Technological University conduct semester exams two times a year (one in summer and another in winter).  So, for now, they have announced the Time table for next winter exam which will be conducted on next winter (i.e December 2014 - January 2015). if you are looking for the time table then you can follow the below mentioned link and get your exam time table right here.

Click here to know the Exam Time Table of All course and Semester.

On clicking above link, just select your course name, semester and respected branch and press search, you will get all your exam time table just below there.

From now, GTU has developed new online application for gtu exam time table, you don't need to download PDF files of exam time table, just few clicks and you will get your exam time table there only.
GTU Exam Time Table

Update :- As of now, GTU has announced Exam Time Table for Diploma Engineering (all branch) and Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) for 1,2 and 3 semester.

If you have any questions or query, feel free to ask on the below comment box for anything related to GTU Exam Time Table.

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[Study Plan] GATE 2015 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack GATE Exam

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Providing Study plan for all the aspirants who want to go for GATE (graduate aptitude test in engineering) examination for the year 2015.


Well, it’s a dream of any engineering students to get admission in IIT (Indian institute of technology) for bachelor or for master degree study. if you failed to admission in b.e/ at iit, then no worries at all, there is always a second chance for you all. You can go for GATE exam and get admission in M.E/M.Tech for 2 year master degree course.

So, all and all, there are two type of GATE aspirants. 1st who wants to get admission in Good Institute or College or University to study well M.e/ and get settled well in career and future. The 2nd types of aspirants are appearing in GATE Exam by chance, say time pass or to get job in good organization who ask for GATE marks. NON-Gate jobs and much more are their targets. they actually not targeting for IITs or for M.E/M.Tech.

So, first decide that which type of aspirants you are, it’s quite easy i think, isn't it? So, whatever you are going for, you must have to crack the GATE exam, that’s for sure. So, to crack the GATE exam, you must have to follow the below mentioned steps.

[Study Plan] GATE 2015 Preparation - Strategy, Tips and Tricks To Crack GATE Exam

1. Understand the structure of Exam, Syllabus etc.

The structure of this entrance exam is designed such a way that it will cover all your study, i mean from your school level to your bachelor level, from all your semester, you will get questions. So, that the reason why many PSUs (Public service units),ISRO and many more government organization ask for GATE Score.

Year by year, we can see there is too much increase in the candidates who apply for GATE examination. for example, in 2010, 1,13,531 candidates applied for GATE, where in 2011,its 1,49,948 and so on. On comparison this, there are only few seats available in IITs and other organization.

so, it’s better to not give single damm chance to get fail in gate exam, so please, understand the syllabus and other structure of GATE Exam.

You must have account of important dates of GATE exam, application process, books for gate preparation and etc. What Next?

2.  Understand the Subjects deeply.

Once you are done with the basic understanding of the syllabus, its now your time to understand the scope of the subject. Take each subject one by one and note down the good parts of this subject and bad parts of your study in this subject. These will give you perfect picture for your study, in which topic you have to study hard and in which you have to just refer. I am 99% sure, there will be only 30% of the topics that you need to study hard, and rests are already you are fluent in it.

Now, its time for making this 30% topics in your fluent column. Yes, go with each of small and small inner topics of this subject and understand it. For example, if we think of network analysis subject, then all circuits, current and voltages, Thevenin’s and Norton’s, and much more will come to your mind, but is that enough? No, it isn’t. You have to study more and more points of this subject.

You are almost walked half the way. Now there will be many questions for, how to study each and every part of subject, because time Is very less?

3. Make proper time table for preparation.

Yes, make a plan or draw it on sample rough paper, for how to prepare for the GATE Examination. In this field, you have to consider your total no of subject to study, the time left for the exam and time for revision with practical MSQs test.

Ok, once you are done with that, all you have to do is STUDY HARD. Yes, a good plan can lead you to crack this GATE Exam easily. Allot time slots and days as per your understanding skill, for example, I can give 10 days for each subject and 2 days for practical study with revision of subject with paper or question solving.

4. Have faith in yourself first.

That’s the most important thing you have to keep in mind. Without self motivation and self believe, no one in this world can achieve anything in this world. You have to be tough to yourself, about following the time table, to crack GATE. There will be many obstacles in your road to GATE, but you have to make sure, you will follow the plan in any situation.

5. If nothing works then?  Plan B!

Yes, if the above plan doesn’t work, don’t worry, there is always plan B! What is plan B? Well, the plan B is just same as Plan A, read the whole article again. 

Yes, there is no other plan to success, in fact, nothing will work then these. If a proper planning not works for you, then nothing can work for you. Just give dedication for this and see, the result will be always in your favor. 

Final words: - Keep reading about gate exam, in gate forums or on any other good blogs that give you knowledge about gate exam, about your subject. Keep yourself engaged with GATE Exam till you are finished with the GATE Exam.

Don’t concentrate only on Math’s, there are many other subjects in which you can score high with low amount of time spending for preparation.

Also Check :- Study Material - eBooks for GATE 2015.

NOTE:- you can always ask for any kind of help regarding GATE Exam preparation, is always there for you :). We will try to answer them all, Thank you!

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GTU Convocation 2014-15 Application Form -

By With 50 comments: - Providing information about GTU (Gujarat Technological University)'s 4th Convocation Event 2014-15. The students who pass out their degrees in 2014 year can apply for the Degree Certificate from GTU via GTU Convocation 2014-15.

GTU Convocation 2014-15 Application Form -

GTU Convocation 2013-14 Application Form -

Instruction for Fourth Convocation
Notification for GTU’s Fourth Convocation

MY CGPA is 8.0 Should i have to attend the convocation event or not?

Student can choose "Presentia" or "Absentia" option in the convocation form. However the University shall invite the students to receive their degrees in person based on the CPI/CGPA obtained by them as decided by the committee. List will be uploaded soon. 

Convocation Date ?

Convocation will be organized on tentatively on 22nd January, 2015.

What is Convocation ?

A convocation which simple meaning is "calling together", group of people formally assembled for a special purpose. And GTU calls convocation to award students for their performance in degree course. All the students who have Ranked in GTU will be given Gold, silver and bronze medal's in GTU convocation event 2014-15.

Is it Compulsory?

It is compulsory to fill the form and pay the fees (Rs.500) to get degree certificate from gtu about your successful completion of course (i.e B.E/MBA/MCA).

How to fill the form?

Just go to the below mentioned links to fill the application form for convocation event, So, you will get your degree certificate on your hand, Soon.

Submit online application for Convocation 
Submit online application for Diploma Certificates 

How to fill the application form online? 

  1. Click on "Apply for Convocation" button at the end of Instructions at above mentioned links.
  2. Enter Enrollment-no. and hit search button. 
  3. Fill all information in the form and click on “save and generate” form button. 
  4. Check your photo and Bar code then print the generated form. 

Is it compulsory to attend Convocation Event?

No, Unfortunately, GTU invites those students who have scored above 8 CGPA in their respected course (i.e BE/Bpharm/PDDC/MCA/Diploma). All the other students will get their Degree Certificate on their home only.

What is last date to fill the application form?

All the students wants their degree certificate must fill the convocation application form and pay the fees on or before 10-12-2014 (Wednesday).

Can i submit my application offline?

Yes, you can also submit your convocation application offline, send your Convocation application printout,  Original Copy of Challan (Depositor Copy) and Photo ID proof (Voter card/Driving license/ PAN card/Passport) any one to The Registrar, “Gujarat Technological University Nr.Vishwakarma Government Engineering College Nr.Visat Three Roads, Visat - Gandhinagar Highway Chandkheda, Ahmadabad – 382424 - Gujarat” address.

How to pay the fees?

Just follow the instructions first at this link,fill the Challan and take a print out of it. Now you can pay Rs.500 of application form fee at Nearest SBI Bank Branch.

For any query or questions regarding convocation, you can directly get in touch with GTU official at convocation[at] Shoot the email anytime you want for any query.

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12th October GPSC Class 1 & 2 Answer Key (Paper Solution)

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Check the Paper solution (answer key) of the questions asked in the GPSC Class 1 & 2 Written Exam 2014. This one is UN-official answer key of the GPSC Class 1 & 2 Exam. The official answer key of GPSC 12th October exam will be announced soon by the Ojas.

12th October GPSC Class 1 & 2 Answer Key (Paper Solution)

GPSC Class 1 & 2 Answer Key
If you were appeared in the Gujarat state GPSC Civil Service and administrative service recruitment exam for Class 1 and 2, and if you are searching for paper solution then you can find the question paper and solution here.

You can download the paper solution with question paper on the below mentioned links now. if you find any problem, you can contact us via comment box.

Answer Key of Paper 1 Verbal Skills:- (GPSC 12th October Exam)

Gujarat Section - Click me.
English Section - Click me.

Answer Key of Paper 2:- (GPSC 12th October Exam)

Will be announced very soon, stay tuned.

Answer Key of Paper 3:- (GPSC 12th October Exam)

When will the exam result of GPSC 2014 Exam will be announced? 

As of now, we can't say anything about the Exam result, but we can wait for the official update from Ojas about the exam result announcement date.

As you know that Gujarat state government has announced the GPSC exam notification on last month and the exam was held on 12th October, 2014 on all over Gujarat state. All the graduates can apply for this exam and Gujarat state every year held this exam for recruitment of Class 1 and Class 2 officers.
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