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Top 5 Books for IBPS Clerk 2014 - IBPS Clerk IV Online Test

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Are you going to appear in IBPS Clerk IV 2014 common written exam? Here i am proving you top 5 books for IBPS Clerk CWE 2014. If you are going to appear in December 2014 Clerk exam than you must check out this books collection which will help you to get maximum marks in IBPS Clerk 2014 Exam.

Top 5 Books for IBPS Clerk 2014 - IBPS Clerk IV Online Test

IBPS Clerk 2014
There are lots of students who message me to ask the which book we should refer to crack IBPS Clerk exam? So, here i have searched the best among the available books which you should buy to crack IBPS Clerk exam 2014.

1. IBPS-CWE Bank Clerk 2014 Guide 

This book is complete guide you should buy for IBPS Clerk 2014. You will get 2013 IBPS-CWE Solved Paper and 2012 IBPS-CWE Solved Paper in this book. Also, this book is having complete coverage of IBPS Clerk Syllabus. you can find complete solution of subjects like English, reasoning, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Quantitative Aptitude and Computer Awareness.

2. 20 Practice Sets for Online IBPS Bank Clerk

In this book, you will get 20 Practice Sets for online ibps exam. It is practice test, you can test your self here, you can find online practice test from each subject,so you can find it and test it yourself before going in to exam.

3. Banking Awareness (Objective with Subjective)

Banking awareness is one of the subject in which most of students fail to get 100% marks. Yes, In this subject you can score 100% with out any problem, because you can find easy and updated questions only related to banking, which you can solve and answer in limited time period.

4. Objective Computer Awareness

This is also one of the top scoring subject, computer awareness. Yes, you can score good in computer awareness, but at the same time you can save time in this section. So, if you are weak in computer awareness subject, than you can refer to this book.

5. 101 Speed Tests for IBPS CWE Bank Exam

If you want to speed up your testing skill, than you can find here in this book. This speed test will test your reasoning and solving speed. it is one of the most recommended book for ibps clerk aspirants.

So, this are the 5 best books you should read for ibps clerk exam. you can refer to below links where you can find study plan and 670+ question answers on general awareness for ibps exams.

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Past Exam Papers of IBPS Clerk - IBPS Clerk 2014

By With No comments: - Are you going to appear in IBPS Clerk Common Written Exam IV? This year, IBPS going to organize common written exam for Recruitment of Bank Clerks in IBPS Associated Banks via online test in December 2014. if you are also going to appear in IBPS Clerk 2014 exam than do check the below link which is past exam paper of IBPS Clerk 2014.

Past Exam Papers of IBPS Clerk - IBPS Clerk 2014

Past Exam Papers of IBPS Clerk
Here we have past exam papers of IBPS Clerk exam 2011, 2012, and 2013 examination. if you are also searching for previous exam papers of IBPS Clerk than this exam will help you to prepare for next ibps clerk exam. This exam papers in PDF format, hope it will helpful to you.
On the above link, you will find previous exam papers of IBPS clerk examination in PDF format.If you have any other requirements than do check our below links which we shared below, in which you can find more study material and study plan for IBPS Clerk 2014. 

IBPS Clerk Exam Dates 

As per IBPS exam Calendar,the exam dates for ibps clerk are 6th December, 7th December, 13th December, 14th December, 20th December, 21st December and 27th December, 2014.

Admit card for upcoming ibps clerk exam is already out, you can download clerk exam admit card from official website of ibps.

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How to Crack IBPS Bank Exam? - IBPS Clerk-Po, SBI Clerk PO etc

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This post will provide you tips and tricks to crack IBPS Bank Exam, how to get selected for Bank jobs india, how to get maximum marks in IBPS Exam. IBPS [Institute of Banking Personnel Selection] has recently announced the IBPS Bank PO Recruitment Exam and Clerk Exam also on the list. There are lots of candidates who are applying for the IBPS Exams and are not selected because, they lack guidance and preparation Tips.

Also, There are lots of candidates, who are searching for the tips and tricks for the passing out and get selected in IBPS in good banks in india. That's what dream of the every candidate who is appearing for IBPS.

How to Crack IBPS Bank Exam

Without much bothering, here is some of the tips that is shared by one of the candidate who cleared IBPS PO exam and selected in the Dena bank. So, here is the 10 best tips to crack IBPS Exam, check it out.

1. Strong Section are Key :- Yes, I will advise all the candidates who are appearing for the IBPS Exam, that you should start from the section in which you are strong enough. For example, for me, it was Logical reasoning section, while i was week in General Awareness, so i attempted GA section in the last.

2. Divide And Rule :- The Time Limit factor is the most important thing to get clear IBPS. You must have time management for each section. Its simple, either Divide the time for each section by the total time allotted for the Exam. While dividing time slot, you must know your toughness and weakness for each section.
The toughness and weakness of section are known when you are preparing for the Exam, so use it and divide the time accordingly.

3.Easy First :- Always attempt the easy question first in your favorite section. I mean you already following the 1st Tip, by which you are already selecting your best section first and in this best section choose the easy question 1st. [Best section >> Easy question].

The question you find time consuming, mark it for later attempt and move on to the next question, Do not try and waste time while attempting.

4. Give everything you can :- I will advise all the candidates to prepare as much as you can. Practice more and more demo test and model question papers to get fluency in Question solving. Forget the laziness, if you want job, you have to work hard because Preparation is directly proportional to get selected in IBPS

5. Move On :- Already mentioned in 3rd Tip, Do not get stuck to any particular question. Because its our mentality that if we are not get answered for any question then we are keep trying to solve this question and in the end we waste time. So always work and walk with time management [Tip #2].

6. Negative Marks :- Most of the candidate keep attempting the question with out getting 100% sure for the answer. I will advise that attempt the question for which you are 1000% sure for the answer because negative marks are the key to get selected. Its not important which question you attempt, but important is which you leave. That’s the key to success and cracks any competitive exam.

Make sure you attempt enough question to qualify for each section. if not, keep working hard.

7. Stay Calm and Silent :- Do not get frustrated or do not get angry while solving the question paper. And many candidates get nervous while attempting exam in exam hall. Just chill, always keep in mind that you have done enough preparation, now its their turn to test you.

8. Go according to the Plan :- As per the earlier tips, you are attempting best section 1st and easy question 1st, make some more plan for solving question paper. This can be done while you are preparing and solving model question papers.

9. Time Management :- The only key you need after doing enough preparation. Many candidates have done good preparation but with effect of time limit, its all gone. So, always go with the above time management tips and make a plan. Read more here.

10. Shortcuts for Maths :- There are lots of shortcuts are available to do long calculation in easy and shortest way. Learn and practice it. it will help you a lot in exam to save time. 

I have prepared a video for above post, check out here :)

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[Study Plan] IBPS Clerk CWE 2014 - Books,Tip to Crack and How to get Selected in Clerk Jobs

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Providing the Stud Plan, Preparation Strategy, and tips to crack IBPS Clerk Exam for the candidates who are preparing IBPS Clerk Common Written Examination IV 2014. As per the Official announcement, the exam of IBPS Clerk will be taken on November-December, 2014.

How to Get Started for preparation of IBPS Clerk CWE 2014?

Well, before i start explaining the strategy,i assuming that you all have applied for the IBPS Clerk Exam CWE,if not you can apply online on or before 12th September, 2014 (offline). You can just visit the official website to apply online for IBPS Clerk jobs 2014.

So, once you are done with application process, Let start with the preparation.In the preparation of clerk exam, you must knowledge of basic syllabus and you all have the preparation material (study material) for the examination.So, without taking much time, on the below graph i have explained the the basic strategy for IBPS Clerk examination 2014.

[Study Plan] IBPS Clerk CWE 2013 - eBooks,Tip to Crack and How to get Selected in IBPS Clerk Exam

1. Get IBPS Clerk Syllabus

After the application process, you all download the exam syllabus from the official website or from any other website. There will be thousands of website which will give you IBPS Clerk Exam Syllabus. IBPS Syllabus is much needed as they have made some changes in the IBPS exam syllabus. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE EXAM SYLLABUS. Most of the candidates failed to make good marks because of this silly basic thing for the exam. 

All they don't know the weight age of each section and they just do blind preparation for the exam,the result will always negative. There is 5 Section of exam, each section having equal marks (i.e 40 marks ~ Total 200 Marks) and you have given 2 hours for the whole examination.

Yes, its not 200 minutes, but just 120 minutes. In total 120 minutes, you have to clear 200 questions in this online mode of examination.So, after this i hope you are clear with the exam pattern of IBPS Clerk CWE.

2. Find the Easy and Hard part in Exam Syllabus

As you can see, there are total of 5 section in this exam, named Reasoning, English, Numerical Ability, General Awareness (with special reference to Banking Industry) and Computer Knowledge. 

Out of this 5, which are your good section, in which section you can score better and on which part you need to work hard? Differentiate it with two section, one for the good part (in this part you don't need much preparation) and second for the worst part, in which you have to concentrate bit hard.

3. Time Management

Make a Timeline chart for the total no of days left for the exam and the total no of topics you need to study. For example there is 100 days left and you have to study 20 topics. Out of 20 topics which are the easy and which are hardest part to clear,make a note of it. 

Give appropriate time frame for each topic for study. While writing this, you will also can make a note of the study material available at you and which subjects,eBooks and notes you need more to study more. So, you have done the time management table, understood the syllabus.

So, here you get a clear picture for what you need to study for the ibps clerk exam.which subject and which topics to study in how many days. so your vision and Goal are Set now.Its time to jump in now!

4. Get Exam Material (Study Material for the Examination)

Find the best eBooks available in your reference. Wait for while, we soon will suggest you best eBooks for the IBPS clerk preparation. Find the sample question paper, past exam papers and other notes which is available online. Past exam papers will be not available anywhere,so don't waste your time for that, you can get past exam paper via eBooks only. 

That you need to buy online from any online book store (i.e Grab each end every files for general awareness, notes for numerical ability, and English verbal notes.

Once you have all the require study material, what are you waiting for, start the study now, this is the time! 

5. Revision and Reading

While you are doing the preparation, make sure you revise each and every topic at lest twice. Solving once wouldn't help you at all. Just make sure you must UNDERSTAND the topic. IBPS exams are getting tough and tough day by day. 

So, you can't make a single mistake in this examination. Reading news papers, watching Television (news channel) will help you to get all the updates on Indian for all the topics, this will help you to get more marks in General Awareness. GK is the one subject, in which students are always OVER CONFIDENT. In the exam, there is high chance that you will get all the questions new to you, if you have not prepared well.

6. Practice for Online Exam

I have seen many candidates who are very good in offline examination, but boss this is online examination. Here, the offline exam king have seen many bad days in era of online exams. 

Online examination,no doubt good thing but you need to have good practice, have good command over the computer, keyboard and mouse operations. 

Try to find out the keyboard shortcuts and try to type in good speed. Mostly,candidate get most of their time consumed over the reading comprehensions in English subject.As they don't have practice to read online (on computer screen)practice for it.

7. All the best! 

Give your best in the examination, make sure you only attempt the questions who's answer you know 100%. IF not, leave it.Because you will be penalized 0.25 Marks for each wrong question. So, better only attempt the question you can answer correctly.

Don't Attempt All the question, if are not 100% sure for the answer!

These are the 7 Golden Tips to clear the IBPS Clerk exam 2014. This plan worked well for the candidates who appeared last year. I have posted this plan on my earlier project and from the feedback, i have figure out new plan for the ibps cwe 2014.

If you have any questions regarding the examination, preparation or any other doubt, feel free to ask via comment box, Thank You!

Questions Asked in Recent IBPS (SBI, RRB, PO) Bank Exam

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Are you going to appear in upcoming bank exam? If you are going to appear in upcoming IBPS Bank exam or SBI Bank exam, you must need questions answers from general awareness subject, computer and all other subjects. So, here is 670+ question answers which are asked in recent bank exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, SBI Clerk and all other exam.

Questions Asked in Recent IBPS (SBI PO, IBPS RRB, PO) Bank Exam

Questions Asked in Recent IBPS exam

Click here to download 670+ Question Answers Asked in Recent IBPS (SBI, RRB, PO) Bank Exam.

Click on the above mentioned link and download 670 question answers on general awareness, computer awareness, banking awareness and other bank exam subjects. You can download pdf file of general awareness and start preparation for upcoming bank exam.

If you have any other study material requirement for upcoming bank exam, than you can comment below and contact me. For more updates on bank exam preparation, you can subscribe to our Facebook page. Keep visiting us for more updates.

Thank you Abhishek Gaike for Question answers.

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Top 5 best books for CAT 2015 preparation

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CAT 2013 results are announced, many people get admission in IIMs. if you have same dream to crack any mba entrance exam 2015 or want to crack CAT 2015 and get placed in IIMs then start preparation now. To provide you help in preparation, here i am provide you top 5 best books for CAT 2015 preparation.

I have read the interview of topper of CAT 2013 where he mentioned some of the tips and tricks for CAT 2015 and books for preparation. i have noted it and posting here, take a look and if you have any question, feel free to ask in comment section below.

Top 5 best books for CAT 2015 preparation

CAT 2015 exam questions have become more complicated and lengthy as there are 4 sections in the exam paper. When it comes to books for preparation, there are some books which can be considered as a reliable guide. Here are some books which you should refer:
  1. Best book for How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT is ‘simple and easy to understand, prepared by Arun Sharma and publisher: Tata McGraw hill 2014.
  2. For Advanced’, a Pearson guide for data interpretation and quantitative aptitude for CAT by Nishit Sinha, Publisher: Pearson.
  3. Moreover, normal Lewis vocab book which is highly recommended.
  4. Quantum CAT’, a quantitative aptitude common admission test for IIMs by sarvesh K verma, publisher: Arihant, 2013 edition.
  5. Another book is shakuntla Devi puzzle book.
  6. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT - Arun SharmaThis book is 2nd best book for Quantitative after R.S.Aggrawal. Arun sharma has been appreciated by most of the Mba aspirants and bank exam aspirants.

Choose the book which suits your requirement and covers all the topics you want to learn. Plan your exam schedule in such a way that you finish whole syllabus at least two months before the examination date. Study and practice all the sections and do not stick to any one section as preparing all of them by strategy will give you a flawless clarity. 

You may read articles and novels online to develop a platform on the screen. It is all about smart work not hard work! Always remember CAT is more about cleverness. There are so many average students who have got admission in the IIM. 

I was also appeared in the CMAT, GCET 2009 and GCET 2010 earlier and my best friend Nirav was appeared in the CAT 2010 (was placed in Nirma University for MBA), so i am using this list as per our experience and also have taken opinion of all other CAT aspirants in my circle. Best of luck! 

Update :-  Soon going to provide Study Tips for CAT 2015. if you want to crack CAT exam then start preparation from now.

Bonus :-  
  1. Study Material - eBooks - Sample Question Paper - CAT 2013
  2. Minimum score required in CAT 2013 for getting into IIMs
  3. R. S. Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude eBook for Competitive Examinations
  4. All about Food Security Bill - Questions on Food Security Bill [General Knowledge]

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Upcoming SSC Jobs Exam Date 2014 -

By With No comments: - Are you want to get job in SSC? crazy for government jobs then check the below mentioned schedule of upcoming SSC (staff Selection commission) Jobs Exam for the year 2014. Here i have posted exact notification date, last date to apply and date of examination of all exams of SSC for the year 2015.

As you know, Staff selection commission of india used to announce recruitment notice via entrance exam for multi tasking staff, combined graduate level exam, junior engineer (civil and electrical), CRPF recruitment and many more. There are lots of candidates who are used to apply for SSC jobs, so here is detail schedule of SSC 2015 Examination for January 2015 to December 2015.

Upcoming SSC Jobs Exam 2015 -

 Upcoming SSC Jobs Exam 2014 -

Name of Examination
Date of the Notification
Last Date to Apply
Date of the Examination
Rectt.of SI in CAPFs, ASI in CISF and SI
in Delhi Police Examination -2015
28th Feb, 2015
27th March, 2015
Paper – I & II
24.05.2015 (Sunday)
Combined Graduate Level (Tier-I) Exam-2015
14th March, 2015
13th April, 2015
14th June, 2015 to 21st June, 2015.
Constable (GD) Examination -2014
a) PET (Feb-March 2015)
b) Written Exam.
 12.07.2015 (Sunday) 
Combined Higher Secondary (10+2)
Examination -2015
19.7.2015 (Sunday)
02.08.2015 (Sunday)
09.08.2015 (Sunday) 
Junior Engineer (Civil, Electrical &
Mechanical) Examination - 2015
30.08.2015 (Sunday)
Stenographer Grade ‘C’ & ‘D’
Examination - 2015
06.09.2015 (Sunday)
Jr. Hindi Translator in Subordinate Office
Examination - 2015
27.09.2015 (Sunday)
Multi Tasking (Non –Technical) Staff
 Examination - 2015
08.11.2015 (Sunday)
15.11.2015 (Sunday) &
29.11.2015 (Sunday)
Paper – II
31.01.2016 (Sunday) 
Combined Graduate Level Examination –
2014 (Tier-II)
 24.01.2015 (Saturday) &
 25.01.2015 (Sunday)

SSC Departmental Examination Dates 2014

Name of Examination
Date of the Advertisement
Last Date for the application
Date of the Examination
Clerks' Grade (for Multi Tasking Staff only) Exam-2014
Grade ;C" Steno. Ltd. Depttl. Comp. Exam-2014
Upper Div. Clerk Ltd. Depttl. Comp. Exam-2014

Official document is presented here.

As per the Above table the Junior Engineer recruitment exam will be on 29th March, 2015, Multi tasking recruitment exam on 1st August, 2015. On 28th Feb, 2015 the recruitment exam of CRPF ASI exam will be conducted. On the 2nd table, i have added the exam date of SSC's departmental examination 2015 in which Clerk Grade, Grade C Stenographer and upper division clerk exam date are mentioned.
Upcoming SSC Jobs Exam Date 2014 -

You can keep visiting us for all the exam updates of SSC with study material and study books. you can download all the study material for all the ssc exam.

Quick Links for the SSC Jobs and Exams

1. SSC official Website :-
2. SSC Online :-
4.  SSC West :-

Notice Update from SSC
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